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Mama! By Diapered-Buns

Diaper checks; Embarrassing kids since 1948. =D (1948 is when the first disposable diaper was invented and patented, granted cloth diapers were around long before that....but still. XD)

This 'lil picture was done by the wonderful Diapered-buns Of my mama doing a lil diaper check, which I TOTALLY DON'T NEED....cos I'm a big kid. *Stands proud*

I kinda see this as a post regression picture, being an adult and all you don't really need to be checked now all of a sudden BAM! Getting checked in pubic, at home....EVERYWHERE! >/////<

Made some slight edits from the original so I could post it over here as pretty much everything in my gallery is clean. =P

Be sure to show the original some love too. =3… *WARNING; MESSY DIAPER AHEAD =P*

Original posted: March 27th, 2014

Artwork ©

Mama © ashlycoon over on FA…

Chris © Me
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Gosh the Mommy is so pretty. I wish she check my diaper. I want her as my Mommy.
yoshiwoshipower99's avatar
That's what they say on all the commercials but we know the  truth. 
BabyChrisFox's avatar
What? I really am big! I don't need diapers at all...I'm just put in them cos I look like a baby....which I'm not.
yoshiwoshipower99's avatar
It's okay, I am a adult that still wears diapers, these don't make you a baby. Huggle! 
BabyChrisFox's avatar
ahhh no!! lol I wanna run just lookig at the picture soo cute!
spartan38's avatar
To her he still needs diapers.
BabyChrisFox's avatar
Indeed, and in's probably for the best I'm still in diapers. 
spartan38's avatar
Poor little guy.
BabyChrisFox's avatar
It's not too bad. ^^;
spartan38's avatar
It is for him.
BabyChrisFox's avatar
I'm sure there's a part of him that secertly enjoys it. =P
spartan38's avatar
Do one that shows that.
BabyChrisFox's avatar
That might be a fun idea. X3
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Ah... so cute. :D XD
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That is so cute and funny.
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i fucking love this
WedgieMeNow's avatar
your a meany pants
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maldito traductor de google hizo que entienda casi nada casi no lo entiendo pero si pude entender aunque es mas facil si aprendiera ingles aunque odio apender otro idioma aunque es interesante la imagen y me pregunto como seria si esto pasara en la realidad yo de seguro aprobecharia algunas cosas aunque solo tengo 15 años y no creo que quiera cambiarlos por 0 o 1 ahorita  ya que la vida seria realmente incomoda con la mente de un adolecente pero en el cuerpo de un bebe
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