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Day 4 - Scourge

day 4 of the warriors challenge, "your favorite villain"! Scourge is such a cold blooded killer, and such a badass. I remember reading the first series as a little kid, when he straight up slaughtered tigerstar, the most powerful cat in the forest, and sitting there shocked. anyways, scourge's design is pretty simple of course, but i did end up changing his eye color to green, both because it's super rare to have a black cat with blue eyes (unless it is half siamese, which neither quince or jake are), and because I like the idea of scourge and firestar sharing the same eye color. I also messed around with the collar cause for one thing, if anyone comments talking about how his collar should be purple or have the spike/fang things I'll delete their comment. Tomorrow will be Ashfur!
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