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brooke throughout the years by babybee1 brooke throughout the years by babybee1
this is me. if you did not know, my name IS brooke(very boring name, i know but hey a names a name) i have always been a tomboy.
Age 1-6:Outfit: lounge wear xD. Nothing was ever sugar coated to me. I always like to know it straight. I was also not a baby. I saw evil dead when i was 5(my dad kept tricking me to watch it by putting it in my favorite barbie movie case, causing me to hate barbie) I watched my dad play the suffering and all types of video games from halo 1 to fable. i still love playing/ watch my dad play games, but i dont have the same affect with my brother. I loose interest fast, just something bout my dad i guess. He always said that i was so creative. My dad also exposed me to super heros, disney movies* especially belle, who is still my favorite to this day* and anime all at young ages. My first animes: Inuyasha, One Piece, Fullmetal Alchemist, Salior Moon, Dragon Ball Z and Studio Ghibli movies. These were the best years of my life.
elementary school: I loved pokemon and anime. Well, i found out what i was watching really xD Anyways, i was still the tom boy. I was kind of the class clown that never got in trouble. I didnt really care about school and mostly got all B's. Never good at launge arts(besides the reading part, but i barely read at school) math, nothing really. Until 4th grade, where i found the sisters grimm series. It started where i had to read for a book project, so i decided to pick a book no one else ever read (well, in my class) : The sisters grimm! I was actually the 12th person to check the 1st book out, so i was excited to "start a trend". It took about a week and i fell in love with not just fairy tales, but in reading. I then stopped hiding it and checked out the rest of the books at the public library. I finished the 6 books in 1 week it was so good. To this day, it is still my favorite. I unleashed my true belle, as i like to call it. Anyways, bout the anime. In the end of 3rd grade, i found a youtube video called "what is love". Yes yes the song that goes what is love? baby dont hurt me, dont hurt me, no more. xD i know cheesy but i love the song still and i found a video of it with a show. I then looked from day on out to find out what it was called and it turned out to be called chibi vampire/karin. Im very disapointed that i cant find the vidoe but i loved it. if u come across anything with that song to chibi vampire, please let me know! I then watched it subbed and loved it. I watch it every year. i then re watched FMA*now my all time favorite series* and more. I'm still addicted to anime and try to draw it, but i tend to suck xD In 3rd grade, i also found the love of my life, my pug named baby. xD I started watching adventure time from the beginning and never lost interest* i loved the preview that was on demand on what the show was; it was the business man episode.
Now(middle school) Well it turned out i was actually smart. Really smart. Smart enough to get into both accel classes, math and language arts. I was very surprised and jumped for joy for about a whole day. Atfirst, i was still ok getting b's but then in 2nd quarter something clicked in me that i could do so much better and i was right. Ive scored at the top of my class more than a few times. Ive never stopped reading or watching anime. It also encouraged me to write more, i did write a little and put my creativity into use. My dream of being a nurse became more clear and the idea of wishing to be an author blossomed. I also started to draw all the time. Now, for the big life changer. As you can see, through the pictures my hair was always long, up until middle school. Well, that was the first time it was every like that. I said goodbye to my hair and donated it to my little cousin who was diagnosed at the end of last year. I was heart broken and i cried(still do) every night and pray to God to save her. i was signed out to help with a fundraiser to help her and decided on the last minute to cut my hair. In the picture, that was how it was 2 months after. I grew really fast. Right now in my life, im just hoping and praying shes okay with my stack of paper and books to keep me occupied until the end.~
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June 11, 2013
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