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The first night living in the tower wasn't too bad. Thor had told you to just take it easy tonight and he would go with you and Bruce tomorrow to get the adoption papers filled out.
That night after Thor had taken you and helped you into bed, you had found it hard to walk right after the incident with the man. He had hit you hard in the head many times, Bruce was afraid he had done some sort of permenant damage to you. You insisted you where fine, well.. not in so many words. You said you were ok and that was that.
You still didn't talk much to them, Thor did most of the talking anyway. Though you didn't mind, you liked it when he talked to you. While you were waiting of night to fall Thor told you stories of the many battles he had fought and won. You liked the story he told you, and he seemed more than happy to share. Before you knew it Bruce had told you that it was best for you to go to bed before it got too late.
You didn't argue, even though you would have rather stayed up and heard more stories from Thor. You did what you were told like you had always done. You told them good night, in the softest and shyest manner possible, and went to bed.
As you lay in bed now, you lay on your side so you could see out the large window in your room. You hadn't fallen asleep, or more so you couldn't. You had been trying to fall asleep for the last 4 hours or so, but it never came. You just lay there, watching as the skies slowly filled with the dark skies outside.
You sighed as you turned and lay on your back, that's when the first bright flash of lightning happened. Moment later your body practically shook at the force of the thunder. A memory of the orphanage care taker flashed as you closed your eyes from the next flash of lightning. The clap of thunder following the sounds in your memory of the care taker throwing a vase at you, shattering on contact with your chest.
Tear filled your eyes as you covered your head and body with the large blanket. Sniffling you curled up in attempt to break free from the memories that flooded back with the loud claps of thunder.
This went on for a while, more memories came with each bang, more tears and every ounce of fear you've ever felt in your life coursed through your small form.
Through the next bang of thunder you could hear the audible sound of your bedroom door creaking open slowly. You whimpered and cried softly as you tried to stay hidden from the storm.
"Hello?" You heard a unfamiliar deep male voice ask.
Slowly you peeked your head out to see who it was. He flicked on the light, allowing you to see him. He was a very buff looking man with blond hair and soft blue eyes. He was looking at you, most likely studding you like you were him.
"you must be (Y/N)." He said and walked in, standing just inside the doorway.
You nodded."Who are you?"
He smiled."Steve. Steve Rogers. Pleasure to meet you."
That name seemed familiar to you. You couldn't remember where you had heard it though.
"Nice to meet you too." You say softly.
He smiled and walked over, standing near your bed." Thor told me before he left to come check on you if the storm got any worst."
"Left? Where did he go?"
"He said he got an urgent message from Asgard and needed to leave as soon as possible."
"Working his brains out in he name of science as always."
That last one about Bruce made you laugh a small bit. Steve smiled and made himself comfortable on the ground next to your bed
Thunder crackled causing you to flinch. Steve frowned gently nudged you."Hey it's ok. No need to cry."
You ignored his attempts to calm you and continued to cry. Instinctively the man gently scooped you into his arms. He began to softly shushed you as he held you close. To be frank he had no idea why he was doing this.
He felt protective over you. It reminded him of when he saw the orphans of WWII. Though he never saw the end of the war, he saw his fair share of homeless children from it.
Even though you weren't a orphan of war he still felt the connection no less.
"(Y/N)." Steve said softly."Do you want to hear a story?"
You looked up at him and nod.
He smiled."When I was around your age I use to be afraid of storms too, until my mom told me a old story her parents had told her. She told me a storm is started by the spirits of people who die and lived their lives being bad. The rain is the angels crying for then, the lightning is them reaching down to earth for help, and the thunder is Gods sorrow for the lost souls."
"B-but why... Why is God sad for them? They were bad weren't they?" You sniffled and rubbed your eyes.
"God loves everyone, he wants what's best for everyone but people do what they want. He's sad at seeing people he loves do wrong and never be able to see him."
For the first time when thunder echoed around you, you weren't scared. You smiled as you curled up in Steve's lap. He smiled and lay against your bed, ever so slowly he began to fall asleep.
As you drifted to sleep you began to think of Steve. He reminded you of your father. You remembered stories he would tell you of his favorite man in history. Captain America also known as...
You opened your eyes and looked up at him. "Captain America?" you asked softly.
Steve  only smiled as he fell asleep, his strong arms holding you close.
You smiled to yourself as you began to fall asleep. If only your dad was here now.
Another done!! Woop woop! :D hehehe, if someone tells me how to add those cool images to the top of the writings on here I can add some cool pics. OuO Leave a comment below if you liked this one! :D…
Part 2 Storm with Steve: You're here silly!
Part 3: Not here yet ;P
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