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   You sighed as you followed your kindergarten class up yet another stair case. How tall could one building be? Your teacher warned you that Stark Towers was a tall building and that the field trip was going to be all day, but you didn't take her seriously until now. The class couldn't take the elevators in fear that someone would get left behind through the two trips they would have to take to get all the class onto the next floor. You groaned softly to yourself as your small hands tighten on the straps on your back-pack. Twenty-two 4 year olds on the top floor of the tallest tower in New York. What could go wrong? 
    You where suddenly bumped out of your thoughts when one of the larger boys in your grade bumped into you, causing you to fall to the ground. "Meanie..." you grumbled softly and tried to push yourself up, when the same boy simply pushed your back down and started to laugh. "what ya gonna do about it!? you gonna go run to your mommy?" he laughed rudely as you turned to face him, fighting tears that threatened to fall. "oh wait! I forgot you don't have one!" He smirked deviously as he and his friends laughed and ran to catch up with the rest of the class.
    You sniffled and rubbed your eyes, pushing yourself to your feet you watched as your class was met by a tall women with redish brown hair. From what you could hear her name was 'Pepper'. She talked with your teacher a moment before the class followed her around a corner, leaving you alone. You rubbed a tear off your cheek, slowly you began to walk your way down the hall. The opposite way your class had gone. Looking down at the ground as you walked, you didn't see as a three men in black suits came in the elevator.
    The men murmured to one another when they saw you. One with slick black hair smirked and knelt forward towards you, causing you to jump. You looked at him wide eyed. "uh...hi..."you said in a soft shaken voice. The man smirked and leaned in closer to you, scared you tried to back away only to have him grab you by your small arm. In fear you looked around only see see the last of your class filing into a service elevator (service elevators are bigger OnO ) on the other side of the room. Before the doors of the elevator closed all the way, you could hear your teacher yell. 'Wheres (Y/n) ?!"
    With the door of the elevator closed, you looked back to the man in the black suit, his face right next to yours. His expression showed pure evil. You began to lightly tremble as he leaned closer, his lips right next to your ear and whispered,"All Hail Hydra.."
    Suddenly the men behind him pulled out guns from there coats, people around you screamed. You tried to, only to have a large arm turn you around and wrap around your neck. The arm hugged you close to the man in the suits chest before hoisting you into the air. The man began to yell out many things, but you didn't care, all you cared about was that this man was practically choking you. Your little arms fumbled some as they tried to grasp at the large arm that held you up. You coughed and gasped for air, looking at the people around you with fear filled eyes. No one moved to help you, only moving further away in fear of the men with guns. A couple men stepped forward from the crowd, both of them looked like scientists that worked here. 
    One had a glowing circle in the center of his chest, the other wore glasses and had kinda curly hair. The one with the glowing circle stepped closer and looked like he was trying to reason with the men. The man holding you up only screamed something out in rage before pushing his gun to your head. "Don't come any closer! Or the girl dies!" he screamed out. You whimpered as you again tried to pull the large arm away from your neck.
    Another man made his way into the room from a flight of stairs on the other side of the room. He had blond hair, wore strange clothing and held a hammer tight in hand. Tears fell from your eyes as you looked at all three men in fear. The blond one to tried to reason, saying something along the lines of 'the child has nothing to do with this'. That only seemed to make the man angrier. taking the gun away from your head he pointed it into the crowd and shot a few times. Some people fell to the ground, causing everyone but the three men to scream out in fear.
    The man with the glasses quickly ran over to the fallen people while the other two walked toward the men with guns. The man pointed the gun at your head again and pulled the trigger, you flinched.... but noting happened. The man cursed loudly before starting to run down the hallway, you in arm. The other two men screamed out, followed by gun fire and bodies dropping to the ground. In a matter of seconds there was foot steps running to catch up to you and the man.
    "Let me go!" you cried and flailed about. 
    "shut up you brat!" he yelled before hitting you in the head with the butt of his gun. 
    Pain filled you as you felt blood run down your face. You cried out in pain, only to earn another hit from the mans gun. A loud ringing started in your ears as you felt wind start on your face. blinking your eyes open and closed you looked up to see the man had some how found a way outside onto a balcony. He was cornered.
    The blond man had followed him, along with the man with the glowing circle on his chest, only now he had two weird metal gloves on his hands.
    "Put the young maiden down!" the blond haired one yelled over the wind as he held his hammer up.
    "you want me to put her down! fine!" he yelled with a small laughed. Before you knew it, the man flung you out over the balcony!
    You screamed loudly before you felt a load of pain. You coughed and looked up weakly. You had landed on the 'A' of Stark on the tower. Your body trembled both fear and pain. You heard people screaming and yelling. Looking back up at the tower, you could see people opening the windows and pointing at you. Some people had gotten out there smart phones to take pictures or videos. you could hear the people fighting above you and cried out for help. 
    The giant letter creaked under you. You heard people screaming behind you things like 'She's gonna fall!' 'Look! The A is falling!' 'Someone save her!'. The letter gave a groan before you heard a crack and the letter fall forward a bit. You screamed softly and tried to hold onto the top of the letter best you could.
    Above you, you heard the sound of the battle finally ending. The sound of footsteps where heard, causing you to look up. Both men where looking over the edge at you in utter terror. "P-Please! help!" you cried out as the letter fell forward a bit more.
    The blond one nodded. "Hold on young maiden!" With that he stepped back and began to spin his hammer around. You felt a wave of relief as you saw the man take off into the air. He began to soar towards you closer and closer til-


    Peoples screams got further away as your small form began to fall faster and faster towards the ground. You watched as the top of the tower began to get smaller. Your tears seemed to float in the air in front of you as you fell. You closed your eyes tight expecting a impact soon. 
    After a while when it never came, you slowly opened your eyes. In front of you was the blond haired man smiling kindly down to you. He held you tight in his arms as he flew back up to the top of the tower. "Are you alright young Maiden?" he asked. You smiled some and nodded shyly.
    In no time you where back at the top of the tower, back at the balcony were the man with the metal gloves stood over the bad man from before. He smiled to see the blond with you in his arms. The blond landed by him and gently set you down. The other man walked up and knelt down. "Hey kid.... you alright- woah!"
    And that's all you remembered before you blacked out, the last thing you saw was blood dripping into your eyes.


Hours later you managed to slowly open your eyes back to the world around you. Groaning softly as you where blinded by a bright lightly. Bringing your little hands up to cover your eyes you whined softly.
You heard a loud yawn before a deep chuckle sounded next to you. "You're up.." A deep voice stated. Hesitantly you removed your hands from your eyes and blinked the blinding light away, to see one of the scientists from before sitting in a chair to the side of you. The one with curly hair and glasses. You blinked at him with a blank expression, not really knowing what to do with a stranger. He chuckled again before rubbing the bridge of his nose under his glasses. He looked really tired to say the least.
You looked around the room you where in. It was a large white room, some cabinets lined the walls along with a few strange posters of the human body on them. You lay in a large bed with metal railings on the sides. As you looked over yourself you saw you where wearing a strange light green weird dress type thing, and a white cloth was wrapped around your head.
"How are you feeling?" He asked as he plucked his glasses off his face and gently placed them into his lab coat pocket.
You simply stared at him for what seemed like forever in a awkward science before finally speaking up. "uh... m-mah head hurts a little..." you said softly as you turned your gaze away.
"That's understandable." he said leaning forward some, looking at your bandage closely. "The guy hit you pretty hard in the head a couple times."
You whined softly at him being so much closer and hugged the blanket close to yourself. The man, seeing this, sat back against the chair once more,"sorry. Just making sure it didn't start to bleed again."
It was quiet once more in the room. The man soon ending the silence as he leaned over to a counter and pulled grabbed a file, opening he skimmed through some of the papers. "so.... it says here your orphaned..."
You flinched at the word, you hated it there. No one was ever nice to you and you had a feeling there... you would never get adopted. "it says your parents died in a car crash two years ago..." he looked at you with saddened eyes. "I'm sorry for your loss."
You slowly looked back to him, your own eyes equally as sad. "i don't want to go back..." you said softly.
The man closed and placed the folder back on the counter before leaned towards you. "go back where sweety?" he asked gently as he placed a large hand onto your smaller one.
"back to the orphanage." you managed weakly. "t...they're mean to me...."
"Who is mean to you?" asked another deep voice. You jumped a bit to hear the new, but strangely familiar voice. Looking up you saw the blond haired man from before. You said nothing as he strode over and stood next to curly haired man. "Young maiden. Who is mean to you?"
Nervously you clutched the blanket closer to yourself and looked down. "T-...the orphanage."
The blond man said nothing as he thought before looking to the other man. "Brother Bruce, is this orphanage she speaks of the same thing we have in Asgard?"
The curled haired man, apparently known as Bruce, looked up to the other. "if what you have back home is a place where children with no parents stay til they are adopted...yes. yes it is."
Blondy nodded and looked back to you and smiled. "aye then, I say she stays here in brother Antony's Tower!"
Bruce looked to him confused. "Thor you're not serious are you?"
"serious about what?" another male voice asked from the doorway. You looked up big eyed, only to see the man with the glowing chest from before.
"brother Tony!" The blond boomed, causing you to cover your ears as you heard a high pitched ringing.
Tony looked at your pain filled face then back to Thor. "Hey chill it Goldy-locks..."
Thor looked down at you and frowned. "My apologizes young maiden."
tony sighed and rubbed his brow. "Thor, Bruce... can i talk to you both in privet for a moment please?"
you looked up and watched as both men walked out of the room with Tony.
Through the glass screen of the closed door you can see the men talking. You couldn't help but feel like you were nothing but a problem to them with how much they seemed to argue out there.
You hugged the thin blanket close to your small form as you awaited their return.
*outside the room*
Stark glared at Thor as he crossed his arms over his broad chest. "What the hell do you think your doing? You can't just take in a kid. Especially taking it into my tower without asking me first."
"I apologist brother Antony, but the child needs a home."
"Then take her to Asgard."
"We both know that's not an option. My father would not allow her to set foot in Asgard." The thunderer explained as he sighed. "Is it really that big of a deal to keep a child under this roof. The tower is fairly large, I don't think you would notice her presence here after a while."
"How do you even know the kid is telling the truth? For all we know she gets treated fine at the orphanage fine, and the kids just being over dramatic."
"Churches Orphanage?" Bruce asked with a small dry laugh."I thought you read the newspaper Tony. A few years ago that orphanage was closed down due to child abuse. It opened up last year, I don't doubt they abuse her. They probably got  good at hiding it."
Tony groaned then grew silent as he rubbed the bridge of his nose.
Thor put a strong hand upon the mans shoulder. "Come brother, she will stay here. Me and brother Bruce will look after her."
Bruce gave the blond a weird look."Me?"
Thor turned his attention to Bruce."Aye brother, you seem to be very fond of her. You watched over her while she lay asleep. Very protecting her I say is very admirable of you."
Bruce looked for words to say against he was merely keeping eye on her, but he knew he would be lying if he said that. He simply looked down and stayed quiet.
Thor smiled brightly before looking back to Tony. "So what do you say Stark?"
Tony groaned and rubbed his neck."fine," he said sternly. "You better make sure she doesn't get in the way. Both of you."
Bruce and Thor both nodded as Tony walked off down the hallway, probably back to working on his latest Iron Man suit.
*Back to you*
You watch as the blond haired man and the man with glasses walk back into the small room.
"Great new young one!" The blond man bellowed out in almost a singsong voice. "I have gotten permission for you to stay here!"
You tilt your head to the side a bit not really understanding. Staying here? why would they want you here? Almost no one ever wanted you around.
The man tilted his head to the side confused on your lack of excitement. "What is wrong young maiden? Are you not thrilled to be free of you childhood shackles the orphanage gave you?"
"Free?..." you asked softly as you hesitantly sat yourself up a bit more.
"No more orphanage." Bruce said softly, you're with us now."
As you processed what they were saying you couldn't help but let a small stray shy smile sneak onto your face.
Thor's face brightened at seeing the smile."Why don't you get dressed and we will show you around the tower!"He bellowed. You nodded softly, trying hard as you could not to show the small smile that traced your lips.
The blond walked over beside the bed and gently lifted you up from under your arms. "What is your name young one?" he asked as he held you up.
"(Y/N).." You say softly.
His face was covered with a bright smile as he set you on the ground,"Then (Y/N) you shall be young maiden! I am Thor the Thunderer, and my companion here is Bruce."
You could do nothing but give a small sheepish smile to them both as Bruce handed you your clothing and the two men turned around to let you chance. Once you had gotten back into your normal clothing you hesitantly walked up and tugged softly on the red cape of the thunderer. Even though he was turned around you could feel the smile he gave when you tugged upon his cape. He turned and gently lifted you up into his strong arms.
"Let us go now small one, there are many extra rooms in the tower. You can choose one for yourself," Thor explained as he carried out out of the small white room and into the bustling hallway. Many people wearing lab coats, just like Bruce's, rushing here and there. Some were yelling at one another while others hurried into small rooms like the one you were just in. How you hadn't heard any of this while you were in the small room had amazed you.
You where surprised to see your show of the bustling doctors cut off by two large doors shutting in front of you. You had been so mesmerized by the commotion you hadn't noticed the two men had taken you into the elevator. You stayed quiet as they took you up a few more floors, the doors opened to show a less busy room. In fact no one but you three seemed to be on this level of the building.
"This is one of the living quarters of Stark towers." Bruce explained as they began to walk down the hallway into a large open room. You saw a large fireplace with a huge TV sitting atop the mantle. A glass coffee table stood in the center of a rounded couch and a few lazy chairs next to it.
The room next to it you knew to be a kitchen. It looked very fancy compared to the one at the orphanage. It had shiny.. everything. Everything from the sink to the fridge to the counter tops. A island sat in the middle of the kitchen, bar stools on the side closest to the living room. It had been everything you would think would be in a normal house and more. The rooms were bright, huge windows stood on the far side of the room from where you where. The window where spotless and let the clear bright skies shine through.
To the right of the kitchen is where Thor and Bruce walked to. A hallway led down to many doors, few of the doors where closed while the rest where open. There seemed to be three doors on each side of the hallway with one door at the end of the hall. Thor smiled and opened one of the first doors on the right side. On the inside you could see a abundance of strange things. On the bed seemed to be furs from a large animal. The room had a statue in the corner that looked to be the same size of Thor, possible where he put his armor when he was ready to sleep.
"This is my room." Thor stated with a grin. "If you ever need me I'll be in here or in the kitchen."
You nodded as Thor closed his door and walked down. They didn't show you Bruce's room, not that it bothered you, more that you thought it was strange. You didn't say anything though, it was better left quiet.
Thor went down a bit and opened the last door on the right. The room was plane and looked like no one had been in it in forever. Thor smiled."This room is on the same floor 00a.s mine, if you like you may take this one. That way if you need me for anything you can come to me."
"But in a case where he's on one of his long term home trips to Asgard you can come to me if you want." Bruce piped in. "My room is the first on the left hand side."
You nodded to them both and smiled as Thor gently put you down. You slowly walked around the room, inspecting everything.
"I know it's a bit boring now, but you'll be able to make it yours soon enough." Bruce said with a trace of a smile on his lips.
"Mine?" You asked softly, turning around to look at them.
"Yeah, don't worry you'll get it one day."
"So what do you think? Do you like it?" The thunderer questioned.
"I love it." You said grinning shyly up to them.

My first ever Xreader story OnO... i like it.... leave a comment to let me know how you guys like it... and if i should continue
Starter: You're here silly :D
Part 2 Storm with Thor:…
Part 2 Storm with Dr. Banner:…
Part 2 Storm with Tony:…
Part 2 Storm with Steve:…
Part 2 Storm with Barton: Not here yet ;P

Edit: I combined parts 1, 2, and three into one big starter to make this sort of choose your own story thing. No one commented if I should or shouldn't so I'm doing what I want.

EDIT 2 : Do you guys want to see more of this? more parts anything like that of this series?

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Should you continue? I say yes!
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