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Victorian House Vector Commission by baby-marshmallow Victorian House Vector Commission by baby-marshmallow
Computer and Photoshop spazzed out on me and wouldn't save any files or open certain .psd files so I definitely had to get that sorted out. While I was double checking ALL of my images to make sure nothing was missing or corrupted I chanced upon a few commissions I did many many years ago and this is one of them. This client I remember and still have contact info for so no guesswork here.
I was provided with an old photograph of this house and tasked with making it into vector lineart; not exactly abundantly creative but I had to approximate a few things and spend quite a bit of time getting everything 'just right'.
I actually thought I had lost the Illustrator version of the file (leaving me with only a small jpeg) but it turns out it was just saved under the wrong name and I didn't notice the mix-up until now. 
YasSmash Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014  Professional General Artist
It's amazing what you can find in the old hard drive. this look like it must've been a pain to work on. Well done.
baby-marshmallow Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Yup, I found other stuff, but a lot of it is half finished so not really fit for upload. 
It wasn't so bad doing this, I tend to zone out and relax when it comes to small detail and minutiae; just takes a while. 
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