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Toy Princess pencils

Happy Birthday to me!
This image was half finished for MONTHS now and I really REALLY wanted to finish this before my birthday so I stopped everything else and drew the background last night to reach that goal.
This was one of the first things I started when I first got my tablet, my friend :iconpaper-domino: and I took on an art challenge to each come up with an original character (he came up with this: [link]) and I wanted to give my character a unique ability. Whenever her blood comes into contact with a toy it reacts with it, in some cases making the object self aware and conscious or simply turning it into a weapon that can actually do damage, for instance a water gun shoots acid, a toy light sabre actually becomes a real laser etc etc, this effect lasts for 30 minutes.

I'm pretty happy with the results even tho since it's so old it's gone through many different drawing styles as I tried to get use to my stylus and tablet.

Inks can be found here: [link] [link]
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Thanks. I could have gone a bit more extravagant with the clothing but I decided to keep it simple.
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I think she's wonderful just as she is! :-)
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I think this piece is brilliant! I don't really see anything worng with the girl as the first poster put. But it's very well drawn. Did you start from scratch? How long does it take you to get to this stage?
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It depends on what else I'm doing at the same time but for a complete page thing like this with full background 2-5 days. Once again it depends on what else I'm doing and how often I change my mind and redo something, lol.
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saw this on the Gaia forum, and rather than leaving a comment there, came over on my own DA account (I'm just more comfortable with DA ^^;) :shrug: yeah...


there maybe a few problems with the girl...but they are not that bad :D I actually rather like this!! on it's own it is a lovely image! but you went and had to add a fantastic and detailed BG with it!!

I admire good background skills =)

and happy late birthday :hug:
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Thank you.....I feel old, lol.
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most welcome! ^^ hehee :XD: don't worry, I feel old too!
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