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Toaster Head Vector Commission

Yet another of the commissions I did for :iconmagicmigs: , as is the norm for stuff I do for him I was given a sketch which I cleaned up just a bit, inked and then coloured, this one was all done as a vector. I really like and admire his designs but I think this one was extra special ^_^. It's compact, creative and everything seems 'relevant' I guess I would say; also for the most part it was fun to do.
The only area that gave me hassle was doing screentones as vectors, as you can see I've found a way to do them but I'm not sure it's the *BEST* way so that's something I think I have to look into a little more.
Also once again I had to keep the colour scheme as simple as possible (that's why I decided to do the screentones in the first place) but I think I managed it okay and I did a simpler version for the client just in case anyways.

Character and pencils (c) Mike Orlando
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Damn, this is all kinds of awesome!
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Heh. Yup, I think it's pretty spiffy too, he drew up a fun concept.
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Thanks, the original concept was fun, I had a good time bringing his design to life.
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This is very awesome.
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Thank you very much, I too loved the concept when I first saw the pencils and really wanted to compliment the idea.
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Oh my.

This is awesome XD
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Thank you very much ^_^.
I like it, the client likes it and now you like it, I'm very happy.
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