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Spelunking Girl Revamp

Two events changed my way of thinking over the past few months, first it was the failed backup that caused me to lose quite a bit of my portfolio (the high resolution original images) and then it was settling on the various Paint Tool Sai tools and settings I needed that made drawing and colouring WAY more comfortable and ideal for me.
Because of these two events I'm going through my portfolio and revisiting some old images and 'good ideas' I have in storage whenever I have spare time, ^_^. Along with with the things I have online I also have a box of stuff that I've deemed worthy of keeping over the years that I would like to turn into show pieces.

This is the first of these images, it was done as a commission quite a long time ago for a friend of mine for a comic idea he had/has and he wanted one of the main characters drawn. I didn't really change this one from the original, just polished it up and applied a bit of the new tricks and sensibilities I've adopted over the years.

Flats can be found here: [link]

I've moved the original image to the Scraps section, you can find it here: [link]
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Very nice. I love the details on the rocks.

Also, I love my external HDD...between that and the two internals I haven't lost anything since the big crash of 'o9. Haha.
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Yeah I'm usually really careful too that's why I didn't lose EVERYTHING because I have other stuff on externals. But this time I just don't know what exactly happened, because the originals and the backup got corrupted at the same time and there was no way for me to know that until I actually tried to open one of them. Could have been much worse, but it was still pretty bad...
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Ahhh. That really does suck, haha. I've been lucky in that respect. No double crashes or anything...I keep telling myself I'll get a DVD burner and save a hard-copy every few months...but that'll probably come after a massive loss and it's too late, lol.