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Pinocchio in full colour

You know, I didn't realise until half way through this that this is actually the first time I've coloured my digital inking in the cell colouring style (the one I'm most familiar with), that's odd. I worked hard on this, not all at once, like in 3 bursts, but still, worked hard. I'm quite happy with how it has turned out and it fuels my desire to finish more stuff, huzzah.

If you want to know the reasoning behind this drawing and all that came before the colouring there are links below.
Pencils: [link]
Inks: [link]

This particular Pinocchio character is copyright :iconelsevilla: and Alias: [link]

Pencils can be found here: [link] [link]
Inks can be found here: [link] [link]
Flats can be found here: [link]
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It's alright.
SkyerFox's avatar
:icondragongrin: Ahh this one! killer job. :thumbsup:
baby-marshmallow's avatar
It now counts as an 'older' image, but in some ways it's still a benchmark for me.
superSHMUCK's avatar
This is so cool...
baby-marshmallow's avatar
^_^ Very many thanks.
semperidem's avatar
You should be very, very happy with this piece of work.

It is incredibly awesome in a lot of ways. It shows every last hour of work you put into it.
baby-marshmallow's avatar
Yup, even after two years it's still one of my favourite pieces.
westudios's avatar
Saw your work in Thumbsshare and just thought I'd let you know I'm featuring this in my next journal.

Normally I'd give a detailed critique, but I know jack about drawing. I'll just go ahead and say that you're wicked good and the coloring on these. It really shows up in the shadows, especially the folds in the clothes, which is where many artists can go wrong. Keep up the good work.
baby-marshmallow's avatar
Why thank you, I'm happy you like it that much.
comic-coloring's avatar
the coloring turned out realy great
baby-marshmallow's avatar
Thanks. Your stuff is awesome, I really love the colours you choose.
RyuDan's avatar
This is amazing
baby-marshmallow's avatar
Ooooh, got an 'amazing', thankies.
elsevilla's avatar
these arent my pencils man, you should change that, the design its yours, cool coloring a direct favvvv
baby-marshmallow's avatar
Still based on your design tho, I have to give credit to the original designer. I'm glad you like it.
losttoon's avatar
Ooh, very cool. I love the color choices.
baby-marshmallow's avatar
Thankies, the vest thing gave me hell to come up with a scheme for, everything else just kinda' clicked into place thankfully.
spikeblack's avatar
Nice work but I'm hating on the white outline around Pinnochio, it robs the image of all the hard work you put into giving the image nice, clean lines. I would've enjoyed a full background but this is okay too.
sorrowful's avatar
You bloody rule, man. Wonderful colors. The inks are hella cool, to boot. XD
baby-marshmallow's avatar
Lol, 'hella' haven't seen that used in a while.
Your words are warmly received and threaten to give me a swelled head.
DyceIBG's avatar
thats pretty sweet, but he's missing his nose...

other than that, it's very good :)
baby-marshmallow's avatar
Nose has been explained in the previous stages of the image.
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