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Marshmallowvision - Zelda OoT sketch

Always said someday I'd finish drawing this image....hello 'someday' (I just finished beating Twilight Princess, so I guess I was inspired). 
Anyhoo, I'm about 85% happy with how it came out, which isn't too bad all things considered.
So I've taken down the version in the scraps section as it is no longer needed. Hope I did the characters justice 'cus I love them so.
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Alma-de-Gato's avatar
So many details! This is very nice! Hope you color it soon!
baby-marshmallow's avatar
I want to do a few touch-ups when it's inked first but it's definitely on my list to finish (just not anywhere near the top unfortunately).
Alma-de-Gato's avatar
Well, I guess it's worth the waiting and watching!
Celestial-SeraphiMan's avatar
The detailing makes this look quite nice.
baby-marshmallow's avatar
Thanks, I was thinking of filling in the rest of the white space with stuff, but maybe it's best to leave it as it is, and just leave colour to deal with that area.
Mazoku85's avatar
Thats totally awesome and I love their clothing... its the same yet not. I'd LOVE to see you draw you Link and Ilia! :D
baby-marshmallow's avatar
I have a sketch of TP Link in my Scraps section, but I've never drawn Illia. I think I would probably do fanart of Midna before her.
Mazoku85's avatar
I'm not a big Midna fan, but she is pretty. I prefer Ilia and Zelda... mostly Ilia.
SolangeFoxheart's avatar
I love how you drew their clothes and faces (I wanna steal Link's boots, they look very nifty in this picture). ^^ I like it a lot!
baby-marshmallow's avatar
Thanks a bunch, I like the faces too, haven't drawn eyes that large in quite a while, I kinda' miss it.
XxSoulHunterxX's avatar
This looks cool!

Are you thinking of coloring it or no?

Looks nice like this, though...=)
baby-marshmallow's avatar
Gotta' be inked first, but yeah, I've got plans to hit it with colour.
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