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Marshmallowvision - Pinocchio

You know, I never really took notice of the fact that Lullaby's Pinocchio didn't have a nose until today. I wonder if that's a story element....I left out the nose here because of that possibility.
Anyways here's my version of that character from the comic Lullaby, the detail extravaganza drawn by :iconelsevilla:

'Breezy today'

Inks can be found here: [link] [link]
Flats can be found here: [link]
Colours can be found here: [link] [link]
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its because he always cut his nose, specially when he lies, nice work on the design
baby-marshmallow's avatar
Ahhh, that's explains it, instead of telling the truth to make it go back to normal he has to physically cut it off, that's a very kewl idea.
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Really nice job. Elsevilla's version is way awesome but yours seems more like the traditional Pinocchio, the little wooden boy with a human heart and feelings.
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Truthfully I've always found Gepetto more interesting than Pinocchio, I know it sounds strange, but I'd like to know more about what was going through the creator's head.