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Crybringer's Tara inked

I wanted to try inking someone else's work again, I've wanted to ink something from the very talented :iconcrybringer: for a while now but his style is a little sketchy and I could never find a way to satisfactorily ink sketchy art. Since I've been using illustrator it's become easier to do so, so I thought I would take a whack at it. I'm not dissapointed.

Lookee Crybringer's original pencils: [link]

She is very cute, and this was actually alot of fun to ink (the stars were a bit of work tho).

Flats can be found here: [link]
Colours can be found here: [link] [link]
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you really made the piece shine i totally dig how u manage to ink crybringers lines
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wow, how did you ink this?
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Illustrator and Adobe together, each program picking up the other's slack.
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oh, what tool then?, maybe you could describe the process, or you have a site or sumpin telling you how,...ive wanted lineart like that for months
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ARGH! WHAT IS THIS?! I thought I'd replied already!?
Well, I think the best compiment is that I'm coloring this pic as we speak. I've gotta say, I'm REALLY impressed with the inkwork you've done here! You've sharpened and brought to life all the details, and off my messy lines, which is amazing!

Very sorry for the late reply, but this is one helluva :+fav:
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Oh stop, you're embarassing me....

I learned some more stuff from inking this, it was definitely worth it, and was fun. Can't wait to see your colours.
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She's very cute. The inking is more of your lovely perfect looking work. :faint:
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Ha, nothing's perfect, there are two mistakes I made that bother me, yet I'm to lazy to change 'em, lol. (at least at the moment, if I colour it I'll probably do it then)
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Most excellent inking job! :+fav:
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Thank you, and thank you for the fav.
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This is really great inking dude. It looks like all those months of practising digital inking has totally paid off. Sweet work.
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Looks so. It's still something of a shock to me that I can manage to get it this clean and smooth, I always hoped I'd be able to do it, but I always doubted it a little to.
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awww thats so cute ^^
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Thanks, but the cuteness can't be attributed to me, it's all
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ah then i must be sure to tell them^^
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