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Soul Eater Mary Sue by Baby-Blion Soul Eater Mary Sue by Baby-Blion
Look it's not Homestuck or Psiicon related. It's a Mary Sue I drew because I have a hobby of creating Mary Sues to bother my friends. Anyways... I think she needs something to make her a Mary Sue??? But.... I didnt think this through so all the info on her has been made up on the spot okay.

Name: Psyche Amor
Age: Fuck if I know
Hair: Black
Eyes: Pink
Skin: She's darker skinned idgaf
Status?: Weapon. She's a bow or something.
Meister: Some guy. His name is...uh... Eros Black. Yeah. okay
Wavelength: And....let's see. She has to do with love, so her wavelength changes very very very often. Like you need a flexible soul like Steins (or Eros' in this case) to actually use her.

Bio: Fuck. Um. She's Psyche you know the one from mythology? Yeah her. She was a bow and Cupid/Eros used her. So yeah cool man. That's it. That's her story. But OH I know how to make her more mary sueish. Dude Imma pair this bitch with Crona.

Power/Ability/Whatever: Golden Tipped Heart; Lead Tipped Spade (I really dont know. I cant come up with names. Basically, it's based on Cupid having golden tipped and lead tipped arrows. One for love and hatred respectively. Oh no I Homestucked there. Okay so she's a mary sue, so anyone whod get hit by the arrows would have that emotion towards the first person they see like you know if they dont die)

Wait woah she needs a personality: Umm...she's mean. Like wow what a bitch. She acts superior to everyone because she's a goddess. (Mythology time: Psyche was born a human but after Aphrodite gave her some stupid ass trials, she was turned into a goddess.) But yeah, she's a snob. Except towards Crona, she's really affectionate in the worst way. Like wow woman give him some space. And because Crona is Crona, he simply can not deal with her. Like she will smother him with aggressive love. She is the worst. She doesn't understand love herself I guess Idfk

I'm done. I cant do this anymore. I literally can't take any of this info seriously.
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LotrFan1999 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2016
She still makes more sense than a lot of mary sues I've seen.
NatsuAlmonds Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013
I love her hair. Very adorbs:heart:
Baby-Blion Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
uvu awww thank you
NatsuAlmonds Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013
Your welcome~
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June 6, 2013
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