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A cutie and her cat ;)
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Love the design!
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It's very unique.
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Oh my gosh! What a cool design! <3 <3 <3 <3
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I love how you drew her <#
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what a fun style! :D And I adore Luna :heart:
marigusmao's avatar
when I grow up im gonna draw like Babs. (I wish)
babsdraws's avatar
awwww!!!!! thats adorable. your adorable! :) 
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ahh gosh this is beyond cute. I just adore the fashion you've come up with and luna in the collar is just adorable! :heart:
sase-arts's avatar
I love her jacket... I love her boots-- especially her boots-- and her stockings.... just, I love her outfit.
You seem to be awesome with put together clothes :3
unconventionalsenshi's avatar
awesome wish I was good with clothes ^^; I never had a sense of taste, unfortunatelly >.<
ScarabsCorner's avatar
I love this its so sheik!
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the cat just wins so much <O>
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i've been noticing a lot of people drawing sailor moon in all these new kinda punkish grungey styles, and i gotta say.... I Love It!! Wicked Awesome!!:groove: revamp
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Pretty cool!
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Super cute!! ^-^
FeatherEyed's avatar
I really like the punky cute style you chose for her and Luna
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o.o Sailor Moon Reject? (Its good, not bad. XD It looks like a rejected Sailor Moon character. ITS NOT BAD!! Its  wonderful. Its just, i love Sailor Moon and thats what it looks like : ) ))
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I thought "what's strange about this?" and then realized it's that she has a cell phone. I wonder if they'll update the time period in the remake, or leave them in the 90s. It's not much of a time difference, but so much has changed!
Anyway, great style, I love how you use lines.
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I love this version of SM v U v I have the back of my head buzzed and have had it like that for a while and plan to grow to top out so I can wear it sailor moon style if I wanted heh
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Love the style! Her outfit design is awesome too!
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