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Brothers love
"The Friendship Song"
  By Tyler Elwood
Once upon a time when friendship was devine
we marched on through the night
till we reached the end of the line
We stood as one together
never to surrender
untill the day we died
we thought to live forever
Now we stood alone
on the hill above our home
as smoke filled the sky
my heart began to cry
But my brothers knew my pain
and we fought on just the same
for all we loved was gone
all but the memories, we pushed on
down below the hill
the others began to kill
as the beasts scurried forth
intent to have their fill
the horde began to moan
as they marched on down below
their scream filled the air
as we struck them down with flair
its then we heard them clear
that which fueld our fear
for we knew the time had come
we knew it was so near
my brothers held me firm
for together we would burn
for in the sky we watched
as the bombs began to drop
the sea of fire came quick
the light cruel and thick
but in the end we saw
the station that waits us a
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Babooshian vows of honor
1.Power means strength and strength duty.
2.The strong overtake the weak so the stronger must protect them.
3.Thee shall live their life without regrets, realizing that error is only human.
4. When all stand before you hold your ground, for if not you then no one.
5.Those who stand beside you are your brothers and sister, remember this in your darkest times and you wil never be alone.
6.Most see love and compassion as weakness, show them the truth and show yourself your worth.
7.If your ideals are challenged accepted it. only you can defend yourself.
8.The world if filled with problems and you are only one. Accept this and help those you can.
9.By defending those you care for they defend you aswell.
10.Even in your dieing breath, your final farewell, fight till the end and hornor you vision even if only you will remember.
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Till the end of time
rolling feilds, golden plains, in my heart you still remain.
your laughs so hearty, your tears like knives, I'll remember you always till the end of time
As I look out this window the memories run deep,of when we laughed and played and just coudn't sleep.
we always played tag, we always shared songs, but now thats behind us, because you are gone.
As I sat at the station watching you go, you said that you loved me, and I said I know.
Now I sit here, riding down the tracks, watching the feilds roll by.
i wonder if this is how you felt when you said goodbye
I'll always remember you, till the end of time.
I just hope one day you be back at my side.
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A song for my brother
A song for my brother (for punching a bear)
As I watch the field flow
As I feel the winds touch
I remember your face
I loved you so much
We fought all the time, and beat each other red
But in the end my brother
You stepped on my head
We fought and we cursed
We punched and we kicked
We called each other names because we were slick
We fought off the bullies
We fought off the pricks
We fought hard my brother
You were such a dick
We fought for the bacon
We fought for the ham
We fought for each other
Just because we can
In the end you did it
You punched your first bear
Its a pitty it ate you
But oh well who cares
I'll miss the great practice
I'll miss how we fought
Why'd you have to punch it
You fucking idiot
Now we all stand here
We stand dressed in black
While you lay in your coffin
With your bearskin rug intact
We'll all miss you dearly
That is for sure
But I'll miss you most man
Because now we can't spar
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lady in the shadows
In this dark place, in this deep shadow I see your face.
I feel your stare, warm and caring.
I see your eyes, calm and serine.
I walk towards you and call your name, but you simply laugh and look the other way.
You giggle and wave for me to hurry, but when I run you glare at me.
You speak words I cannot hear, but I know your mad but for what I wonder?
You shake a finger and grin that face, then walk away without a trace.
Every night I wonder if.....if tonights the night we'll meet, face to face.
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The women who weeps
I wake up in  a field and see you standing there.
A field of wheat and grass, the sun warming our backs.
we stand side by side but never see eachother.
You hold my hand and tell me you love me and in my heart I know you mean it.
But when I agree you start to cry and mumble.
I reach out to comfort you and show that I'm worried, but you dash away in such a hurry.
I give chase screaming for you to stop, but the ground shakes, I stumble and stomp.
The sky grows dark,the rain pores down, but you keep running as I'm nocked down.
You dissapeare into the dark and vanish, but I'm still here sitting on my ass.
The clouds clear up, the earth stops shaking, the wheat glows bright, grass waving.
But when I look up your gone....nothing.
I look around and see people playing and laughing, but I cant move. To tired from the thrashing.
Why do you cry when I say I love you?
Why do you run when I try to comfort you?
All I want is to see your face, feel your touch, your embrace.
But you always ru
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The Birth of a Reaper
As a friend lay dieing at his feet he heard a voice and began to weep
In a low, sadistic, voice he heard the rhym. eyes getting moist.
"And theres the end that I fortell.
Cheer my boy for you will see!
We'll have a bout of epic breath, as you try to prevent her death.
You wont succeed, despair awaits.
Now doesn't all of that sound great?"
The boy stands tall, his sword is ready.
His end is near and he grins with fear.
The beast of shadow, eyes of black, looks down upon him with a cackling laugh.
It sees his eyes embroiled in hate and loves it so, to see such pain.
The boys body weak readies his charg as blood drips down his tiny arms.
The beast watches this boy, this man, grinning his teeth subduing a laugh
"Your only a boy, still training yet.
what did you truly expect?
As the boy charges his flesh burns hot.
"you've taken a blade to the stomach it seems."
It grins as it watches the boy begin to cry, as his lifeblood leaves him.
He's ready to die.
"Not so fast bo
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DA ID by BabooshandWeb2 DA ID :iconbabooshandweb2:BabooshandWeb2 0 0 Me by BabooshandWeb2 Me :iconbabooshandweb2:BabooshandWeb2 0 0 Baboosh the Almighty by BabooshandWeb2 Baboosh the Almighty :iconbabooshandweb2:BabooshandWeb2 1 0
The Hollow's Teeth part 1
  The Hollow's Teeth
                                                                          By Tyler Elwood
My name's Tyler,Tyler Elwood, and this is my story of what happened in a place known only as the Hollow. It was a normal city once with people and animals skittering all about doing whatever it was that they did on a daily basis. But then it happened, it was a normal morning like any other day. I was waking up, taking a shower, getting dressed and rushing out the door for work. I used to paint houses and other buildings for a living. I remember hating my job,but now.... now I wish it would all go back to
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Tyler Elwood
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I'm just a go with the flow kinda guy who enjoys looking at art and reading poetry. I'm also a huge Zombie fan.
with a little writing on the side.
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