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Alfeir Fe-Gylfisdottir

"I don’t want to sit around and  waste my afterlife!”


Name: Álfeiðr Fé-Gylfisdóttir

Nickname(s): Twig, Alfie, Elf  

Age: 20

D.O.B: December 17th

D.O.D: June 23

Gender: Female

Weight: 116 lbs/ 52kg

Height: 5’5/ 165 cm

Eye Color: Light blue

Hair Color: Platinum

Body figure: Willowy


Tattoos: None

      Piercings: Two in each ear

Scars: Pox scars on back, legs, and arms


Positive: Empathic/Hard Working/Whimsical/Fun-loving/Sensitive

⨳ Negative: Impulsive/Secretive/Enigmatic/Stubborn/Sensitive


Fresh air







Feeling Weak

Being patronized



Class: Völva

Clan name: Clanless

Weapon of choice: Waved iron cord garrote

Önd Megin Spark: Needle of fate: A needle that when threaded through a piece of thread acts like a voodoo doll of sorts; if Álfeiðr focuses on an enemy's body part and ties a knot she can make the muscles in said body part sometimes tighten to the point of temporary paralyzation. Conversely, if a knot is already tied and she focuses on a comrades body part, she can relax the muscles.


Before death:

Álfeiðr was sensitive; this fact was apparent even at birth. Unfortunately, that sensitivity did not stop at empathy as it also made itself present in her immune system; causing her to be wracked with various illnesses throughout her life. Many thought it to be a blessing she managed to survive every sickness, her siblings, however, saw it as more of a curse and resentment between them and Álfeiðr blossomed. They made her feel like a burden, causing her to push herself in attempts to prove them wrong.

Álfeiðr was most often stuck in bed and would find comfort in her imagination, dreaming up things that felt incredibly real. Little did she know that her “dreams” were actually premonitions; at the age of 10 her family uncovered her gift and as the power grew stronger many from all around came to her to have their fortunes told. Álfeiðr was more than happy to use her gift, she felt as though she could finally contribute something and she gladly went along with it.

The way he/she died:

Her luck soon ran out as it seemed she was struck by an illness she could no longer fight; try as she might to stubbornly defy her fate her usual drive wasn’t enough to cure her. She died in the same bed she was born in, surrounded by her family, her last sight in this world was of a sunset daydreaming about all the things that she was never able to do.

After death:

Álfeiðr is grateful to be free of earthly illnesses and is trying to experience all that she was never able to before in her new afterlife; she is also working to cultivate her powers more indepthly.


She hates being idle and usually has something with her to fiddle with, usually string.

She loves to play games and feasts; her favorite part of which is the mead.

She likes to walk around barefoot.


Strudel Ever After High style
I got inspired by Amythest621 EAH version of Darnel Hopper, so I thought I'd take a crack at drawing my character that way. I think she turned out pretty good, considering the fact that I don't have the program to give her that flash animated look. Also, I'm not super confident in my ability to draw Strudel full body in that style; so a head shot it is. 

The back ground tone is courtesy of Medibang Paint pro.
Day Luxi Sunset Lover
I was listening to the song Sunset Lover by Petit Biscuit and this girl popped into my head. Every time I draw fan art of her she's always sad :( 

This lovely lady belongs to my dear friend R-A-Enbows and Necrosynchronization necrosynchronization.deviantar…
Hi everybody, 

I've recently joined a few RP groups and I wanted to make my personal rules very clear.

1. Nothing sexual, flirting and kissing is ok but nothing sexual!

2. You must be 18+, please don't lie about this either; if I am in anyway unsure of your age I won't RP with you. 

3.Unless you want to write the starter I would be happy to^^

Thank you all for your understanding.
Character Ref: Chelsea Adelstein

((I had a bit of trouble with the sizing on this piece, I'm still trying to learn how to do stuff like that. But I think this gets the point across; I will most likely edit it later to fit properly))

Name: Chelsea Adelstein

Age: 22

Gender: Female



Occupation: Runs a cryptozoology blog/Ebay sales women/Neighborhood Dog-Walker/Pet Babysitter


    Chelsea lives in the attic of her parent's suburban home and spends most of her time updating her blog, examining her latest finds or buying and selling wet Specimens on eBay. Her “real” job (if you could call it that) is walking the neighborhood dogs and or babysitting the neighborhood pets when their owners are away. Her parents have been desperately trying to get her to make something of her life, but she is perfectly content trying to prove the existence of supernatural beings.


Paranoid: Her area of interest sometimes requires exploration into some very unsettling conspiracy theories, government organizations and things of that nature. So she is often paranoid for her own safety fearing that she might stumble across something she shouldn't.

Defensive: Due to the sheer number of non-believers out there she has had to stand her ground pretty aggressively. Because of this she is very sensitive to her people putting down her ideas and will quickly lash out to defend herself.

Impulsive: This idiot would be the one who runs towards the danger in a horror movie. ‘Jumping the fence into private property’ no problem as long as she gets a pic of that supposed sasquatch.

Creative: Chelsea loves to decorate; she has decorated everything she owns in some way or another; she has even dyed her hair purple just for the hell of it.  

Determined: Nothing will stop her in her quest to prove that the world is more interesting than it seems. Once she has a goal in mind she will stick to it until it comes to fruition.

Quick-witted: She can think on her feet or be at the ready with the perfect excuse or come back to get out of or into a situation.

Morbid Curiosity: Never content with the typical she seeks to find the strange and unusual. Whether that be trying to decipher ancient texts or dissecting things. Nothing is off the table if it's out of the ordinary.


All that dog walking has come in handy her sprinting and cardio skills are fantastic. Chelsea has also dabbled slightly in parkour for easy escapes.

She can dodge and run away like a pro.


I mean she’s a human so….anything that can kill a human I guess.


She is very secretive about how she got the scars on her face.

She always has a bad case of bed head.

((Feel free to ask me if you would like to roleplay; 18+ folks only please, sorry younger peeps nothing against you I just don't feel comfortable rping with younger folks now that I'm an old lady. Nothing spicy or gore, PG violence and romance is fine))

Hi everybody, 

I've recently joined a few RP groups and I wanted to make my personal rules very clear.

1. Nothing sexual, flirting and kissing is ok but nothing sexual!

2. You must be 18+, please don't lie about this either; if I am in anyway unsure of your age I won't RP with you. 

3.Unless you want to write the starter I would be happy to^^

Thank you all for your understanding.


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