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alone at night
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Me on Valentine’s Day when I tell my mom that no one loves me and she says: “We could spend some time together!”

Then I spend Valentine’s Day with my mom lol

The best part is that I love spending time with my mom. 💗

Love you mom!
AppleSara's avatar
Terrible work... It seems to symbolize certain times or places, or I feel like this character ...
And now, I want cuddle to this one T_T
Sylveonfox's avatar
Y Do you think it’s terrible?
RaccoonTwin-3's avatar
Me on New Years this year.
RaccoonTwin-3's avatar
I just spent my New Year on dA. well as valentines day.
NykiiLynn's avatar
Valentines day i made sure i wasnt alone.
i made sure i kissed at least one person.

...didnt exactly plan on kissing seven. o.O
RaccoonTwin-3's avatar

at least you got to kiss someone on valentines day. :(
NykiiLynn's avatar
XD ive spent every valentines day alone.

well, except last year.

and i guess, technically the year i found out my boyfriend was cheating on me ON VALENTINES DAY

ugh. boys suck.
RaccoonTwin-3's avatar
Yeah a lot of them do.
NykiiLynn's avatar
ugh. i dont wanna be me anymore.
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Wow, That's beautiful...
iloveleft4dead2's avatar

that's how I feel

I blame my self for the fir that burnd my house up

I left the computer on in my moms room and took a shower a the house her room was in flames

I think I need a phcyologist

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You've been featured! [link] :)
FeAtHeRtear's avatar
i feel like that now D: because of what he did.....
RarestarTheFallen's avatar
I always feel like this
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I can feel the empty presence in the room....... alone.
aznawzmao's avatar
Wow! I love how the shading gives it a nostalgic feel to it. ^_^
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