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Separate Ways
And if I should lose you before I wake
At least I'll cherish the times we had to date
I don't want to lose you, but I can't lose myself
And if that's what you would need, maybe we best split ways then
:iconbabeh-fli:Babeh-Fli 1 2
You have failed me before
When I believed things would be better
And never changed
I am forced again to trust you
A broken promise tried again
I can't go through it again
For if you fail it will surely be the end of me
You fickle fiend
Merciless breath of life
Who are we to depend on you
When you would sooner leave us to rot
Than lift a finger to help
An empty promise
A flight of fancy
With no ground in reality
Who are you to be so necessary?
:iconbabeh-fli:Babeh-Fli 0 2
Every action has a reaction
So too does every inaction
Tired of staring at the same reactions and consequences
I search for a new way.
What will it look like when I leave you behind
And find something new?
Will I still remember what it was like?
Will I want to go back?
Thinking of this drives me crazy
Its hard to let go
We've been through so much
But its time I changed and met someone new
Take a new path
Get a new view
Find my way
Instead of it being found for me.
I love you. I'll see you on the flipside.
:iconbabeh-fli:Babeh-Fli 2 3
From Scratch
I'm building my life from scratch
Placing the bricks one by one
Deciding which ones I want
And which ones I don't
Eating, sleeping, emailing, reading for school
Reading for pleasure, working out, housework
Friends, family, working out, classes
Each brick I lay deliberately down
Building my life from scratch
:iconbabeh-fli:Babeh-Fli 0 0
You took those hammers, chained me down, and broke through my armor. And I cried, as those hardened steel plates came ripping off, the stone walls fell as if from dynamite, and I lay there, with only this wooden armor left. You unchained me, knowing you could do no more, and the rest was up to me.
I'm ready now, to pick up that hammer, and cut through those last few planks and free myself completely from these bonds I locked myself in. And as I prepare myself to do this work, I can't help but think of you and all you've done for me.
Thank you.
:iconbabeh-fli:Babeh-Fli 0 2
Grade A by Babeh-Fli
Mature content
Grade A :iconbabeh-fli:Babeh-Fli 0 0
Fire in Your Eyes
You dance around and I can see
You’re only thinking of me
Avoiding the thought of the other
You see only the outside
Fearing inside
So many years of not thinking that way
Believing the lies you
Try now and slip after every few steps
Determined though, never before have I seen that fire in your eyes
You will never give up, not this time
And in the end you’ll get the ultimate prize
:iconbabeh-fli:Babeh-Fli 0 0
Worth It
I see her standing there
With tears storming down her face
And I say to her I love you
And I’ll never stop saying it
I still cry at the movies
get angry at the bad guys
and want to help make the world a better place
So call me crazy, call me unrealistic
But don’t tell me it’s not worth it
You say it’ll never happen
This can never work
You laugh in my face and you mock my efforts
But I press on even when you do because
I still cry at the movies
get angry at the bad guys
and want to help make the world a better place
So call me crazy, call me unrealistic
But don’t tell me it’s not worth it
There’s a world out there
And I know you can find it
I hold you close and I say, I know it’s true
You can do this
I still cry at the movies
get angry at the bad guys
and want to help make the world a better place
So call me crazy, call me unrealistic
But don’t tell me it’s not worth it
:iconbabeh-fli:Babeh-Fli 0 0
Tell Me
Tell me I'm pretty
Tell me I'm good enough
Tell me that getting B's and C's in my classes is good enough
Tell me that getting A's is just extra good
Tell me it's okay that I don't like math or science
Tell me it's okay that I want to help the world in a different way
Than just helping the economy
Tell me
:iconbabeh-fli:Babeh-Fli 0 2
Mature content
Your Hips and Mine :iconbabeh-fli:Babeh-Fli 0 3
Without a Cure
I couldn't help it
I fell so fast
Plummeting to the depths
Not even knowing why
Until a year later
And here I am
Still falling
Without a cure
:iconbabeh-fli:Babeh-Fli 0 0
See the lightning flash in her eyes
Though from afar, she appears concentrated
Come closer though, see the tension, see the anger
Quick to come, slow to leave
Keeps her on edge
See her worry
See her anger, her frustration
See the grip on the Dr. Pepper bottle clench down at the sound of a word
Force herself to let go slow
The fierce tension, the slight wink of tears
Scratch her shoulder reassuringly
See the gratitude through the anger and frustration
She wants to scream, to punch a hole in the wall
But she’s past that point
Or she’s dead from the other times when
She broke down
So it becomes easier to control
But harder
See the lightning flash in her eyes
The hate, the anger and rage
Knowing she is still as “helpless” as she feels
:iconbabeh-fli:Babeh-Fli 0 0
Embark on a Journey
Embark on a journey
That seems so strange, or rather
Embark yet again on that same journey
That has so many twists and turns
Facing fears and being okay with running away
Then turning to face them, and putting yourself out there
Go the extra mile, push yourself a little further
Say what you mean, than imply what you want to say
Find those who you know you can trust
And actually trust them
Learn to trust yourself
And more than that, to forgive yourself your mistakes
Let loose when you can
And don’t be afraid to work
Don’t be afraid to just throw yourself into it
Just set little alarms on your phone to remind you
That your or one of your favorite shows is on
Or to go for a food break or something
:iconbabeh-fli:Babeh-Fli 0 0
Say you love me
Say you accept me
Say you never want me gone
Hear me
Hear my life
Hear my strengths
Hear my determination
Try to know me
Try to understand
Understand you’ve failed in your perceived role
Understand I still turned out… okay, I guess
Understand that I need to be away now
Understand that… I need to be myself now, not you
Let me go
Let me be me
Love me… for being me
:iconbabeh-fli:Babeh-Fli 0 0
I Need to Accept
I wanted to believe
In a world perfect
In a good world
And all I’m finding
Is that it’s not
It’s filled with some good people
Some bad
Some somewhere in between
But trust is always being tested
And the world itself
Is not good
I lose myself when I’m here
Finding myself again when I’m there
I can’t do this anymore
I can’t question this part anymore
I need to find a way to accept
This (seeming) ill-fated world
And all its injustices
Without losing hope
I need to accept
Who I am
I need to accept
That I’m not like everyone else
That I’m not _____
That I’m not going to be rich
That I’m not gonna be doing something expected for work
No teacher, no accounting, no science for me
I deal in ideas and emotions
Not understanding why people feel what they feel
From some scientific basis
But understanding why they feel what they do
From a social, emotional, empowerment perspective
I need to accept
That I’m going to have to deal with that
:iconbabeh-fli:Babeh-Fli 0 0
Those Days
I miss those days
Those days when they knew what to do
And could just tell you
I miss those days
When it would all be alright
And getting in trouble meant
Being sent to your room
I miss those days
When I could trust them happily
Though I barely remember those ones
Instead of unhappily relying on them
And finding I’m on my own more than I ever knew
:iconbabeh-fli:Babeh-Fli 0 1

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