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Drawing Faces at Difficult Angles - Video Tutorial



A re-do of a tutorial i made a few years ago where I go over some of the common formulas for drawing faces, then explain my own formula that takes the best aspect of the most common ones to give us something that has both a solid structure and a more organic shape.



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I tried this and immediately was able to draw a human face. Like I'm good with furries but terrible at humans and this literally removed the barrier between instantly. I guess I just needed a good example to guide me.

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Based baba, I'm gonna watch this as soon as I get out of bed
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good shiT
also nice goose icon buddy :0 I totes need to check your art out omg
Im excited to look through the backlog i need to carve out some time to look through my inbox here >.<
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Thank you for this advices! It's very useful :D
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That's really helpful, thanks for the vid!
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i wish i could easily do this in my art style but when i draw things, they're meant to be looked at from a specific angle.
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what like egyptian art or a sidescroller?
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well i guess my profile picture's a good example. kinda that angle.
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Useful.  Thank you.
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Thank you for this! 
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Wow... cool tutorial! Maybe I will apply this technique to Bookworm Adventures Deluxe Fanart!
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Just what I needed! So helpful! Thanks!
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Thank you so much for sharing! I've wanted to explore more interesting angles for portraits for quite a long time but the results always looked a bit off.
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no probs! and yeah it can really help to characterise portraits a lot theer's lots of ways you can mess around with the perspective and shadow to create different moods and charactristics in the body language.
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