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Belgium by LifesDestiny

My flagcounter tells me that I had 40 visitors from

Belgium by clairebearer Belgium Belgium by clairebearer

since I installed the counter. Thank you dear visitors from Belgium for stopping by my site and for your interest in my work :hug::heart:

Curious about art on dA related to the Belgium I used search and these are some of the eyecatchers that showed up and which I like to share with you:


Village by DeeMaaH Smile by cloudsonclearsky Kortrijk 1 by Klek

Belgium - Gent by slecocqphotography Beautiful Town HDR by AyseSelen Tram way by AyseSelen The Path by AyseSelen

Old Mine by RichardRH Night Photography - Railway by mara-mara coalmine 14 by Jh2

Autumnal bridge by chavez666 Strange Day 2 by chavez666 Night Photography - City Park2 by mara-mara Belgian views - Han by Esdec

w i n t e r by xtrashLove A Flanders Canal by picsbygil

Belgium | Mercator HDR by slecocqphotography   Belgium | Sand Ripples by slecocqphotography Belgium | Windmill by slecocqphotography

Astrid - Queen of Hearts by VelkokneznaMaria La Sucre Trois by guirnaldo

:: Fairy of lost children :: by Liek hello darkness. by thenclara

Togheter between the bamboo by tikopets Belgium Beer by MayteAlmeida Tintin and Snowy by AgnesPterry

Bad Thoughts by benhomie

Nowhere to be Found by BenHeine Hotel Tassel Stairwell by arcticphoenixstudios Jerry Can by Urbex

Another Dimension? by musback Urban jungle by Monieksje

The shadows of the past by TheSwimmingStar

Belgium | Gent HDR by slecocqphotography belgium by olakala belgium by caitie-sickK


Toronto III by xMEGALOPOLISx Country life by eurekastreet Brussels Cafe by xMEGALOPOLISx

:thumb92085959: Belgium Sky by Hantenshi

:thumb67476910: Belgium | Damme Countryside by slecocqphotography

Belgium | Sunset by slecocqphotography :thumb54556433:

exhibition in belgium .. by santosam81

Heart - Belgium by uppuN Heart - Belgium by uppuN Heart - Belgium by uppuN

:wave:I am happy to introduce 10 new watchers:



:iconmiragolczykowna: ~miragolczykowna and :icontiaret: ~tiaret

No Deviations yet


Follow Me into the Waters by NoArtisticWorth Good Morning Sunshine by NoArtisticWorth SeaCity by NoArtisticWorth




Digital Orchid by fractalyzerall Ipnotic Checker by fractalyzerall Elica Spaziale by fractalyzerall






PumpkinCleaning-1 by Charmadige Timeless-75 PaperClip-BUNDLE by Charmadige Heart Flutter by Charmadige



Fairy of Halloween Pumpkin by Candra

night muses by GeaAusten Another Dump Kid by mjbeng 407 by lenagnl Of Darkness and Hope by AlexandraVBach


:thumb139226344: Rainbow Tears by AcrylicArtMeridians nightfall by Shnekokot

Suspicious Logic by HBKerr

   Take me higher by CindysArt Simple Times by pennys-designs All Hallow's Eve by hallv5 Happy Birthday, Esther 2009 by Brigitte-Fredensborg

Greetings I by 21citrouilles

dancing flower by pbheaven

I hope you like the features and that I made you curious to see more of the various artists and to :+fav: and comment what you like best :D

Please send me a note if you don't like to see your art featured here and I shall remove it right away.

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Please forgive me for not sending any ":iconyvw4plz:" replies.
I just have to reduce typing or I never get to see all your work.
Please don't feel obliged to send me "Thank you" messages on every little thing and
don't hesitate to skip the "you are welcome" when I thank you for something.


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mariangelkiss's avatar
thank you :heart:

Happy Halloween:iconpumpkinplz:
aimalee's avatar
:aww: This is truly great effort from you to keep continus support for the fellows, WELL DONE TRULY APPRECIATED :bow:
21citrouilles's avatar
Thank you very much for including me. I was bowled over by the beauty of your selections. :huggle:
baba49's avatar
Thank you :bow: I am happy that you like it :D
chavez666's avatar
Nice selection :)
baba49's avatar
Thank you :bow: I am glad you like it.
cloudsonclearsky's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature, I really appreciate it :D :dance: :hug:
baba49's avatar
My pleasure :bow:
Shnekokot's avatar
Thank you for the feature
Brigitte-Fredensborg's avatar
Fantastic features again, Barbara!:clap:
Thank you so much for including one of my works!:heart::glomp:
baba49's avatar
My pleasure :bow:
marthig's avatar
Wow !! :clap: Beautiful images Barbara lovely feature :hug: :blowkiss: :iconlovelyplz: :iconsincerelystephanie:
baba49's avatar
Thank you for visiting Martha :hug: I am happy that you like the features :rose:
marthig's avatar
My pleasure Baba :glomp:
HBKerr's avatar
Thank you very much for the feature :hug: :heart:
lenagnl's avatar
thank you so much:) :rose:
AyseSelen's avatar
Thank you so much for sharing my photos on your amazing journal! Im really honoured :hug:
baba49's avatar
My pleasure :bow:
1arcticfox's avatar
Barb...*As baby-snakes says, there isn't much fractal software that will work on MACS. I don't know about the new versions of APO but I was told the previous versions didn't work on MACS, so please check out all your favorite software first to see if it will work on a MAC before buying one.

Also....Laptops WILL overheat when rendering complex fractals - I know - I've had 2 different laptops over 5 years (and read a report on that) so don't belive the computer companies when they tell you that overheating isn't a problem with laptops!! The problem is that they have to cram everything into a laptop, and there is no room for it to cool itself. All the mathmatical computations generate a lot of heat and it can't be dissipated fast enough in a laptop, so it builds up in and the laptop will crash - and you can overheat the motherboard and damage it.

Most computer tech support do not know this either (they have no clue about fractals and them generating such heat) because I had the experience of calling DELL and trying to figure out what was wrong with my laptop 3 years ago when it kept getting so hot and crashing - and nobody in tech support had a clue - before I read the article here on DA about laptops overheating while rendering fractals. I tried the cooling pads, but they didn't even come close to cooling my laptop enough.

So I resorted to flat gel packs that you put in your freezer - and when rendering my fractals now - I sit my laptop on one of those and keep changing it, until my fractal is rendered. It's a bit awkward, but works great! When I ever get the money I will get a desktop to render my fractals, because they have enough room to cool themselves and extra fans can be added if necessary. But I will create the fractal on my laptop and transfer to my desktop, in the future. Hope this helps a little. :-) :hug:

P.S. Maybe there are some new super-duper cooled laptops out now, but I personally wouldn't risk it - because DELL assured me that overheating was NOT my problems - but when I finally solved the overheating on mine - the crashing stopped - and when I went back to NOT using the gel packs to cool it - it started crashing again. Obviously, I now use the gel packs all the time, when rendering more complex fractals. Oh.....and my newer laptop is dual-core, so it's fast and I have plenty of power, but it will still overheat on the really complex fractals. :-)
baba49's avatar
Dear Anita, thank you so much for taking so much time to give me your valuable information. I am so very grateful. When thinking about a notebook, the possibility of over heating never occurred to me. It's clear to me now that I will look for a powerful desktop. Hopefully the old Apophysis versions 2.05z+ and 2.08 3d hack will work with Windows 7. If not this will be the final signal that it's time to drop Apo and move on to learn UF. I am sure they'll make UF compatible with Window7 soon, if it isn't already.
I am so very grateful my friend for helping me to make a decision and I am astounded and glad that you read my journal :hug: I am happy that you haven't given up on dA completely.
I hope that your arm is not bothering you too much and that maybe you will open your gallery and start posting again here :hug:
Take care dear friend.
baby-snakes's avatar
i actually have a mac and have always preferred them for everything.. HOWEVER i was astonished to find its nearly impossible to get fractal software for macintoshes. // especially if its the powerpc kind. I would definitely look into that before making any final decision! this has been a major problem for me, and very surprising to find out... :>> :heart: if anyone has actually found any fractal software that actually *works* on power pc macs, with the same ability as on pc's, i have yet to hear about it. i have tried everything I found and was pretty disappointed. :} other than that, I prefer macs. :}
baba49's avatar
Thank you so much for your valuable information. I am very glad and most grateful that you took the time to share your experience with me. :hug: You and Anita convinced me to look for a desktop again. The only thing I have to find out now is whether Apophysis works with Windows 7. :rose:
baby-snakes's avatar
im so glad :hug: its been a real heartbreaker! its why Im not doing fractals now :( i love macs and always thought they were better for all kinds of art.. but... i guess fractal software counts as "math" more than "art" or something.. I dont know! I think that because of demand software for macs may be slowly catching up, but I think no matter what it will always be behind.. :( I also concur about the overheating thing... Ive had that issue too, I have a desktop but its one of the thin kinds on a stand.... same thing, not enough space, it overheats easier. good luck w/everything :hug:
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