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May 4, 2017
Nat by delky
Featured by KovoWolf
Suggested by varelabro1
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Did this for my Illustration course. I kind of dislike doing such realistic portraits, but this turned out pretty good for my standards.
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I freaking LOVED her in this movie. She was so amazing. <3

THIS is AMAZING what am I saying. Goosebumps man  - - - GOOSE. FREAKING. BUMPS
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this is great ! :D 
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Do you do commisions?
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Yes ^^ I don't have an updated price list yet, but if you could send me a note about what you have in mind I could tell you all the details about it.
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I would like a commision, a color drawing of Avis Gertrude Dolphin,  a survivor of the sinking of the RMS Lusitania. It is for a book on a subject,sincce no good photos of her are left i wanted a sketch.How much will it cost?.Here is the best photo that exists of her,i do have a bigger picture but quality is not great because its 100 years old!…
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The photo is not a problem, I understand the picture resolution wasn't the best at the time :XD: although I could use some more photos of her, if any exist.
I have never done a commercial commission before; may I know some more information about the book?
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Its about the Lusitania,Avis was one of the more famous passengers, i want a sketch of her because the photo is too bad quality for a book,how much do you charge for portraits?
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If you're gonna use it for a commercial purpose I would need to charge for the rights of the picture; knowing that, the price for a colored portrait would be around 100 USD.
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would it be cheaper if it was not in color?
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For a black and white one it would be 80 USD
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Leon the professional!!
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Looks great! One of my favorite movies...
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what a great work! 
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great sharp tones no color needed at all 
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Wonderful talent! Clap 
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Amazing work! She was really cute in that movie!
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A real masterpiece!!
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Well it is wonderful, I love the lighting you put on this. It's striking. 
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