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My Bio
Actually I'm a Student in japanese.^^

I am drawing since the middle Junior Hig-school, but I am not really good at ease.

But, even so, I really like it. Ha ha .^^

I wish I could be able to be good at drawing one day.^^
I also try to create my own stories and characters from time by time. ^^

Everyone, I wish I could learn a lot from all of you.^^

Nice to meet you !! \( =^o^= )/
HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! And the best for Everyone'. After three months and a half without any computer, I'm "kind of" back.Since I tried again the Inktober challenge (and finished it quite quickly !) this year, I will start to post pics about it in a few ...

I'm back.

I'm back.

I guess I'm quite Happy to see I overcame the thousand missed notes / messages... I still think on continuing the Inktober thing (that I do call for months the "latober", if you know what I mean...). Plus, I am currently trying to put colors (watercolors / pencils...) I still have Tezuka's fanarts I want to do, also of Ishinomori's and others french / Engl / Japaneses and so much others artists. See you next time'.



Bonjour, bonjour  ~ ! Je reviens après un siècle sans post par ici ( la plupart des dessins que je posterai petit à petit dans les jour à venir ont été déjà posté sur mon facebook personnel, donc certains les auront déjà vus.) [ --> Note : Je n'ai pas de page et n'en ferai pas pour le moment. :)  Et bon, comme d'hab', faut pas s'attendre à des chefs d’œuvre de maitres non plus, j'ai mon propre niveau, point. x,D] Alors... Je risque de galérer un bon moment, mon PC ne supportant pas ce que je lui fait subir. (J'ai déjà eu u

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Artisan1964Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the fav.  Have a great week.

You're welcome !! Same for you ! : ) (Month late ! Sorry !)

Hello there! Very sorry for not answering! D: Very very very sorry!!!! ;_;
First, I hope you had a great year! I've seen you improved a lot! And for that, congratulations! :D I'm happy you are still drawing <3 Happy (late) New Year! haha

I really don't post anything on twitter, lol! I just retweet random things. I followed you! My name is oso_en_calzones and also I followed your tumblr too! And I agree, deviantart looks very active and friendly for artists most of the time.

I really really want to keep drawing and improving, I hope my laziness dissapears, lol. I want to draw everyday and practice more. I will improve! >:D

Again, I'm really happy you are still drawing. Hope your year was good and I hope the beginning of this year is going good! Hoping this year is better for us! :D

Have a great day, or month! haha :D

Hello there !!

Very sorry too, for not answering after month !! >__<

I had a pretty bad artwork last month and... Well, life.

I will try to post more on DA for now. (Or maybe to create an insta for drawings, I'm still thinking about it.)

I hope you're doing fine.

thank you for yours many kind words !! ; ;

I had you on twitter. Thx u. ^^ As for your follow on tumblr. :3 (God, I've not been there since months !! xD I've got many artist I followed posting there... (Most of them are on insta now...)

Hope you can keep drawing and improving. Keep going !! (I'm not drawing everyday at all, i'm a lizzy...)

i'm really happy I heard from you, though it's been so much time.

I'll try to be more active, or either way, to found and other media I can be more active... (Maybe I'm not fit for it ? :,) Ah ah...) (I might be better on insta once I'm on it, who knows...)

My year was pretty bad, but there were nice time too. The actual years started a little better, but this month started awfuly. T^T

I'll keep going so that became a better year in the following weeks.

Hope your year was fine !!

Anyaway, thanks for yours many kind words ! It means a lot ! ♡

I hope this years is better for you too ! Both of us, let's keep going ! ^^

Have a great day / month too. xD (Ahah)

See you soon !! ; )

(Here, or maybe twitter or insta or I don't know. Lmao) (*As you, I'm pretty a biiig quiet on on twitter or others. xD)

Heeeeyy!!! Surprisingly enough I answered before a year lol!!
Sorry to hear you had a bad month! But hey, a lot of times the future have a lot of good things, even if our present is a little bad.
Thank you! I've had a lot of fun drawing lately, but I traveled and I only have a pc, so no digital drawings for me this last few months... but I decided to keep drawing and improving, so I bought a notebook for my drawings hehe!!
I'm happy to hear about you too! It's been pretty long. I can't believe how fast time flies, it's actually scary! ;_;
I made and Instagram from my (messy and horrible) sketches, here's my nickname if you want to check it out!: omviius
Let me know when you create one to follow you back! (And tell me your Tumblr to follow back too ;p )
And I totally understand. Right now I'm on the point that I have to decide what to do with my life, but I guess my mental issues prevent me to keep motivated :< hope that changes...
Sorry again to hear your month was bad!!! ;; I hope the future has better times for the both of us! Lets keep improving!!! ♡♡♡
Have a great day, month or/and year! Hahaha ;p
See ya! ♡
Heeeeyyy !!!


And surprisingly I got to see you're answer on the following 24h. (Though I wanswer after 48h. x,) )

Thank you for the chearing up !! T___T
I'm still crying times to times thinking of our cat, but well... That's life. ; ;  (I still can't believe a whole month has already passed since her death...  :cry:)

Oooooh !!! Nice to read !!! As for the drawing and the travels !!
It's been such a pretty long time, indeed. Pretty scary too, I agree with you. =o="
Thank you for letting me know about your instagram !!
I've tried many times to create mine last week ('cause I want one for NSFW work ^^"), but no matter how many times I tried, Insta didn't worked. I also tried the assistance, but nothing changed...
Actually, I've done some reshearch and found out that recently, they were a lot of bug with insta. So since I'm still blocked with it, I've just made a NSWF account on twitter. u___u (@fap-sama , if you wanna check. : ) )

Guess I'll have a try later again for insta. Jeez.

My tumblr is sooooo empty xD, but here you go. : )  ( (=> I've not been one it since tumblr set its news rules against NSFW art. :,D I should pass by time to time...)

God ! Good luck with finding your way in life !!! @___@ (I'm still haven't found, yet I guess I'm way older than you. @__@ I'm ashamed of myself.)
Hope it changes for you too !

Don't apologize again. Thank you for you support, again. It means a lot. T__T
I hope so too ! Let's do our best to enjoy for better times in the future we will each have ! And also keep improving, as you say, yes !! ♡

I'll take yours words to send them back to you. :,D ('Cause it was so much fun !! Lmao)

Have a great day (week), month or /and year ! x,)

See ya 〜〜〜〜〜 : 3 ♡
EiraRozenHobbyist General Artist
Nom d'un botruc !! Tu m'as donné le 10eme lama ! JE SUIS UN SUPER LAMA MAINTENANT XD ! 

Arigato gozaimasuuuuuuuu x3