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Hades Owl Mask

This is a mask of Hades, the Greek god of The Underworld and is the first in what I hope to be a series of masks depicting each of the main Greek deities.

Hades is represented here by the Scops or Screech Owl, Cerberus, an asphodel flower etched onto a golden coin and a couple of deathly hands.

Made from 8oz tooling leather and painted with acrylics.
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I used this picture for my work. I hope you do not mind :) (Smile)Link
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I'd like to know if you'd be open to making one of these for me? My wife loves owls so this would make a perfect gift for her.
i was wondering if you were willing to do a custom variation of this? if so email me at with an estimate for a half mask, and we'll talk more! i love your work
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You - Are - AMAZING!
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May I please mention that the owl is Athena's symbol and not Hades's? Thanks.
Actually as far as I know the Owl was commonly known as Hades messenger.
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Possibly, but the owl is Athena's symbol animal. It is said to share her wisdom, hence the idea of owls looking "smart" nowadays. Even the coins of Athens, her city, have owls and olive branches on them.
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Incredible on all fronts! The texturing and painting seem seemlessly bound together, and the smoky effect used on it's crest is...well, I didn't think that could be pulled off on leather! You continue to stun me, sir. :)
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Thanks! I really appreciate that :)
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Ohhh this came out delightfully sinister looking! The gold coin is a nice touch. I randomly love the feathers around the beak as well. Here's hoping you'll do a whole series like this! That'd be beyond awesome.:D
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Thank you, thank you! I'm happy to say that I started on a second mask - it's going to be of Dionysus ;)
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Ooo that should be cool. Lots of fun details to work with there! I shall enjoy seeing the finished product.
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~oh cool idea (: that will be awesome if u make those guys ~ this owl is cute- in a serious way (: i sure like his speckles & the feathering around his beak ~ (: reminds me of the big horned owl that would sit in the dead tree on the hill in our backyard at night...and my grandpa would keep going outside to shout at it to stop hooting at like 2 in the morning ... /: ...i dunno why..i liked that owl~ he wasn't even that loud.
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I think I would rather have a hooting owl over the loud, obnoxious barking dogs that my neighbors have lol :)
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loL (: dogs..
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Really beautiful work. Did you use paints or dyes for the finish? either way its stunning.
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Thanks! For this one I used acrylic paints and an opaque flake medium for the black areas.
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ok so a small step away from a normal comment, this is bad ass! i was thinking a traditional brown white tan looking owl. but the colors in this are no where near what i was picturing, and its so much cooler. thank you for sharing your work with us.
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Thanks for the kick arse compliment!

I wanted to keep a familiar color palette that goes with owls, but at the same time, I wanted to try to convey a "underworld" look as well :)
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Amazing work, my friend. The sculpting as well as the painting is just mindblowing.
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