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insanity in small steps
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Published: January 28, 2006
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actually A4 sized. rare shit for me - was originally doing this up for a raster chapter but forgot the piece even existed before the submission date so i missed out. dont really want to keep it sitting there so here you all go -

some big copic marker experimentation in this one - it looks really fucked up upside down

the print version of this is slightly darker and has a thick black border, looks real nice - so yeah.

this piece is..hmm. nah. i wont say shit. you can discern your own ideas and meanings from it. i'll leave it to you, the viewer. as i do at times.

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Arkangel007 General Artist
this some what reminds me of my life at times
suicide-is-stupidity's avatar
Wow. O.O
I really like this one, I love the way everything runs together and the words.
Amazing~ :glomp: :hug:
beLIEve-christ3000's avatar
ooo favin a bunch of your stuff great, inspiring lol I have some kinda similar, maybe less perverted aha tho
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blisterine66Professional General Artist
great image
b33lz3sGirl's avatar
LOL i love that top sentence
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hmm, it reminds me of basquiat, in your use and application of color. however the drawings themselves are more formed and linear. the use of the black in the upper corner is really neccessary, without it the image would definately fall apart. it creates a buffer from all the motion and vibration throughout the rest of the image, a place for your eye to rest. mirroring the shape and color in the mirror was also a good idea. my advice would be to move the column of images on the far left in towards the cneter a bit. i think that would create a better flow, throughout. overall it is really well down.

(i hoped you liked my critique, i was bored and liked your piece, so here you go)

making the image comes natural to you, right? when i do my own stuff (none on deviant, its too big to be scanned or photographed properly) i dont think about any design principles until afterwards when it all seem to fall into place. either way, great work.
b33lz3bub's avatar
b33lz3bubProfessional General Artist
aye. im very glad i finally got a comment worth spending some time thinking about and replying to. kinda bores you getting the 'lol cool' comments. yeah. as far as the column moving goes, i can definitely see where youre going, but the demons around it and the shape were more a border than anything, i think its just too light on the right. if i were ever to go back and try to make reparations id add more weight to the right, but yes i can see what you mean. thank you on the critique =] i enjoyed reading that. and yeah it all comes naturally. i pretty much let my hands do the drawing and thinking, my mind only steps in with subject matter and concepts. thanks again, man
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anytime, i think if people actually liked art they would spend more time critiquing it, because it's the only way grow. keepup the good work!
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CurseOfReverence Traditional Artist
omg this is amazing....i mean all your work is but the things u see in here are so crazy
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dholmsHobbyist General Artist
man. ain't that the truth?
it does come in small steps.
and you don't know it's there until it's too late.

love the mix of linework and brushwork bro.
fuckin' rules!
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I love your work and style -- this is one of the first I've looked at...My mind at times gets very "weird/crazy" I guess and I do work that a lot of people seem to not understand, but that just makes me appreciate it even more. One of the worst times in my life was when I was...I guess you could say, heavily reprimanded for my art, for my thoughts, and the most amazing love, feelings, whatever, and I'm still pissed about it. Go figure. Anyway...didn't really mean to get all personal, but this *really* reminded me of that...I truly wish you the best and thank you for sharing your work. Thanks. :+fav: :heart: Oh, and I love all of the details in this piece -- the lighting on the stairs, the leaves, the drum (?) that and "consume," the skeletal/angelic figure on the left that morphes into a psychedellic dancer woman...person...I love it. :)
b33lz3bub's avatar
b33lz3bubProfessional General Artist
my art is merely a portrayal of my own soul screams and mental muscle tears, so dont apologise for getting personal, im very happy it yielded such a comment or.. reaction from someone. i know where you're coming from, and as artists we tend to suffer in that way at times and must bear through it all. the proverbial fists, thorns and such that the tangible and intangible walls in our lives send at us are a constant reminder of why we need to let others know how we feel about it all, or rather, what they allow us to consider or see. glad you enjoyed it
ysdw's avatar
Thanks for the reply. And yeah, artists really do tend to suffer in that way, I guess. It's hard because where I live there are tons of artists -- and even where I go to school there are lots of artists, but it's very hard to connect and stay in touch with each other. I guess with that and other things, that could lead to feelings of alienation...anger, isolation, and etcetera. Thanks again. :)
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mad ....starkraven mad
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this reminds me of something out of the movie labyrinth or the dark crystral with the characters and the stairs and the characters kinda remind me of some of those crazy muppets that pull their heads off and throw them around....
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LOKY7 Digital Artist
really , really great.appreciate the fine technique to exspress the manic process.dig it.
b33lz3bub's avatar
b33lz3bubProfessional General Artist
thanks man =]
LOKY7's avatar
LOKY7 Digital Artist
Anytime. call it how I see it
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elfio Photographer
great job!so nice.you've a good imagination
b33lz3bub's avatar
b33lz3bubProfessional General Artist
thank you =]
will-r0ck-for-f00d's avatar
this is what my imagination must look like from space! lol
i like the colour and the randomness in general :+fav:
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wow ... i really love this piece ...

just everything

really fantastic
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I think the title fits this piece excellent, so I do not think that I have to say what I get out of this imagery (or else this comment will get too long=P)The use of colours is awesome because it is so chaotic, and your own style shines through.

I got quite suprised that this is an A4 format, it looks so much bigger.

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