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Wonder Woman by B2DaRice Wonder Woman by B2DaRice
She's just such a badass!  I couldn't resist making her.  I really enjoyed this one... although it was one of my longer drawings.
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kikoeart Featured By Owner Edited Sep 9, 2017

Hello! I love this !! it's so cute and awesome at the same time :D Really well done on the most important part - the face :) 

The armor on her torso, arms and legs are really cool too - love the shiny reflections and solid feeling they have. The clinched fist is also nicely drawn and feels very intense - hands can express so much! 

Ok I know the painting is stylized so please take the critique as just some ideas instead of "this is how it should be" cause I don't want to ruin your vision for this:)

I would be careful with how much you are hiding with solid black, it looks cool but this is A LOT of black...maybe try showing a little more? It can add a lot if you just have a little more for our eyes to indulge in XD

Then you have this lovely texture on the ground but the skin is extremely smooth - not just the surfaces but the edges between the eyelids, the lips etc..actually all the edges in this piece are very very sharp..this can make things look kind of separate and collage like if you know what I mean. Like you cut pieces of paper and stuck them together - if you add some soft edges, or soften the ones you have in some places - it will help. Also have things reacting to each other - have blue reflecting off the metal belt for example...and then a highlight from the belt on the blue etc...It will make everything more natural and be a part of one piece more.

Then the eyes are awesome and intense but I would add a little shading on the inside of them so that they look more like rounded balls :) You have a little on the right one but I think it could go further, it will be less flat.

An other place that looks flat is the neck area, perhaps some collar bones or a little more skin color change would help. That is the other thing about having so much black - everywhere that is solid black is flat so it flattens the whole piece. But if you have colors and changes in your shadows and softness in the edges - it will all add to the natural 3d realism of it - which you have a great deal of already!

Small note: it's a little hard to see what is going on near the lasso and hilt of the sword...maybe simplify the shapes?
The elbows look a little like dolls elbows because of the pinched sharpness they have - maybe soften it a little? 

Ok I hope this helps and it's really a cool piece how it is, I'm just giving you ideas to MAYBE make it even better? or different?

By the way I do draw overs if you are interested (they are free) just check out the link
Fluffy-fez Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey I'm from :iconprojectcomment:
First of all, love this piece and just extreme caricatures like this in general, but I kind of want to do a challenge so here goes.

Shading: I like the shading but I do have a few problems with it. For one I feel the right leg has drastically less of the bright rim light than the left leg. Granted, this shouldn't apply to where the hand is casting a shadow, but even the foot or even the inner leg should have a bit more rim lighting. Speaking of, the sword has a rim light on the top of it, while the rest of the figure has a rim light to the right side. Maybe if you chose a different angle for the sword it could've worked, but the bright light should be bouncing off the sword instead of laying on top of it.

Textures: Ok, I'm not good at textures in the least, but I do have some minor problems with the skin/hair. The skin and hair just feels TOO smooth if that makes sense. Since it is a digital painting it does help to add texture so it doesn't feel this way, I'd personally suggest using a chalk brush or a brush specifically made for painting hair. As far as metallic surfaces go however, I understand it's supposed to be more cartoon-y and are done extremely well regardless, so congrats on that.

Nitpicks: Her sword is the darkest this in the picture, when it's facing two light sources. I think it's supposed to be a bit dirty, but it's still the closest thing the the orange-ish light source, and is at an angle where it faces the bright rim light that's on the rest of the character. Also, I think the left side of her face is too pronounced. I know that's a weird think to say given it's a caricature, but I just don't feel like it's the wonder woman in the movie? I'm not sure why it looks off to me and just hits me in a weird way, but literally one more inch of skin on the left side of the face would help out. 

Again, amazing piece of artwork, I could tell you've spent a ton of time on it. I know I'm no expert, but I hope it helps out in some way or another.
Also, I've been watching Istebrak to help out with digital painting, and I'd highly recommend her if you were interested in any tutorials or something like that. 
But anyways, I hope you have a wonderful day/afternoon/night and hope to see more of your art within the future. Baby Moana (Bye-bye) - Icon 
Kimiko140 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I love the proportions of the character and how you mixed gray (which symbolizes strength) and tan (which symbolizes elegance) with a large portion of brown (which symbolizes endurance). You have chosen your colors well for Wonder Woman and her surroundings. Kudos to you. clap clap You have my stamp of approval. STAMP OF APPROVAL 
B2DaRice Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much!  I can't take too much credit for the color choices as I drew this from a source photo that already had some amazing lighting (…).  The coloring isn't exactly the same as the source, but the mood and everything comes from the original picture I think.  All the same, thank you very much for your comment!
Kimiko140 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the art, you most awesome person! X3
adam-ant2 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2017
"Still want to make fun of my pudgy legs?"
B2DaRice Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol!  I know right!
JOEDESS Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2017   General Artist
I really love you'r style, really awsome.
B2DaRice Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!!
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