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Steve Jobs RIP

An homage to Steve Jobs...

Thanks everyone for commenting and faving!
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Mac: Isad :(
Me: ihug! *hugs Mac *
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so true...for when he died.
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And I'm still sad by the current state of Apple and what future they're heading!
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what do you mean? they're doing pretty good from what i am seeing
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C'mon! The new iMac is shitty and has less features than ever before (iMovie, iDVD etc and no optical drive nor FireWire) and the iPhone 5 is balls... Plastic stretched out iPhone 4... And the new iOS, with a bad working nav, I could go on forever! In the past Apple developed stuff that looked great and worked solid. Nowadays they have updates ever half-a-second, all full of flaws. The iPad 2 was still red and steaming and there came "the NEW iPad". Apple should take again time to develop solid stuff that looks awesome and feels great! And yeah, they'd probably loose half of their hipsters, but hey, than they will last longer!
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wow! you are strong with your reasons. thank you for telling me.
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Just my 2 cents. Thanks for reading!
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Heheh. No problem.
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RIP Sir Steve Jobs :blackrose: :cry:

if you want, join my Steve Jobs Memories Group...i'll be very glad if you do so :iconsteve-jobs-memories:
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I'll check it out! Thnx!
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Thanks for sharing...
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We miss you, Steve Jobs! =(

R.I.P. Steve Jobs!
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As he took his second break some month ago, I thought that he did this to prepare Apple for his final departure.
He was not everytime a nice but a charismatic man who had visions.
He startet Apple twice, first with Steve Wozniak and in the late 90's with NeXT.
Now it's time for others to measure his footsteps for the second time with no chance to get a third Steve-kick.
It's sad but life.

If there is an iGod than he's now an iAngel. ;)

Bye Steve...
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Long live Apple! Long live iPad and iPhone!

Let's piss off those antagonists of Jobs who irritated him during his career!
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i am the mighty finder!!!
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