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Welcome to B0UNDIARY! This is a group specifically for Literature based on D.i.D. genre! We collect almost all categories that is under the roof of "D.i.D.", so if you have literature that fits the theme then please hit the 'join group' button and jump right in! There are a few rules we like to abide by, so please take a gander before joining:

:bulletred: It IS D.i.D. themed but we can accept literature that have some C.i.D.s(couples in distress) in it!

:bulletred: No G.i.D. only stories.

:bulletred: No Vore.

:bulletred: No "HATE" fic. we don't care HOW good the story is, if the main purpose is to hate on a character, a genre, or any of that, it will be denied.

:bulletred: Peril is acceptable but please no death or dismemberment.

:bulletred: Minor fictional characters should not be involved in any sex related distress(aging them based on fiction is okay; we can break a few canons here).

:bulletred: Please submit literature to the proper folder. If you are not sure which folder it belongs, ask one of the admins and we will be more than happy to help.

:bulletred: We will accept two literature pieces a day from each member

:bulletred: Favorites section is for DiD art!

:bulletred: Each deviant is allowed to turn in 2 literature per day for the "sake" of control. Bear in mind that we will read the fics being submitted before accepting them; some may not need any screening due to them being read previously by one of the admins. If each deviant read the rules, no work being submitted will be denied, right? :D

:bulletred: Comic Strips are now allowed! We have a brand new folder dedicated just for it!

:bulletred: No Futanari. I don't think I should go any further in describing that notion.

On a final note we would like to say thank you for your interest in our group! We hope to make this fruitful in regards to work flowing in and make it adequate for anyone browsing and searching for that "one" story that fits the mood!

Your admins,
gh0st-of-Ronin, literfull12, monkanjirk, ugiel, KiwiKink, DestroXXIV, FourPieces, shadow280

For those who love reading, Click on this link! Tons of group to browse through when reading is your muse!

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Our group is dedicated to fun, arousing, captivating, and enamoring pieces of DiD literature in DA. We want to unite DiD related fiction that ranges from Video Game gals, Comic Book heroines, Original Characters, and other misc characters.
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@Rob66 has done a lot of interviews but this is clearly one of his best ones. It's about a humble and talented person named @FourPieces---about his story in this odd little side of the web. How he was discouraged but thanks to the wonderful people of the DiD community (who exists out there) helped him get back on the horse and get him where he is now.
Some interviews clearly point out the artist's love of hearing the sound of his/her fingers hitting the keyboard and the whole "me-me-me", while there are some who use it to build other people and/or build the community. Fourpieces embodies the latter. I compare it to Bret Hart's WWE Hall of Fame speech where he built other wrestlers around him rather than talk about 'how great he is'.
Really, this guy is a rare gem and deserves more love and respect. He does a ton of things for the community far more than he is given credit for. Check out this interview and his gallery. Seriously.
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Orcsattack Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2021
I've just sent my request to join.
gh0st-of-Ronin Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2021  Hobbyist Writer
bubbarita Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2021
Is there a discord for this group by any chance?
gh0st-of-Ronin Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2021  Hobbyist Writer
No there is not. But @FourPieces and myself have a Discord chat room with a small but fun group.
bubbarita Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2021
Is it open? I'm interested in meeting and sharing stuff with other kink writers.
gh0st-of-Ronin Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2021  Hobbyist Writer
It's open, and as long as you keep a fun open mind, you are more than welcome to join. I do want to say that there are a couple of writers in there, not as much form this group. Most of us are just plain ole' DiD lovers :D
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HollyWinter19 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2020
If you'd like to commission NSFW or BDSM/Damsel in Distress writing pieces, here is my commission sheet.

Commissions [Open] (Writing)Hey all!I've finally decided to start opening writing commissions. At this point in time, I do NOT accept Paypal and I ONLY accept DeviantArt points, however, I am open to a commission exchange (more on that later).I write both safe-for-work and NSFW content. Overall, I write stories pertaining to OC's (Original Characters) in most genre's, however, I find that I'm most comfortable with anime, fantasy/magic, sci-fi, and sex. With regards to safe-for-work writing, you can pretty much ask for almost anything, but for NSFW, I specialize in bondage, BDSM, and damsel in distress stories, however I am not exclusively limited to those parameters; they are simply what I enjoy in my personal life :PI'm still figuring out how pricing works since I'm new at this, but here's what I charge.180 DA point Flat Commissioners Fee+1,000 DA points per 1,000 wordsBecause stories are likely to not be exactly 1,000 words, each word is worth around 1 point.Ex: A 1462 word story is worth 180 + 1462 = 1,642 DA pointsI may end up rounding to the nearest hundred, for convenience sake.I hope this seems fair and reasonable. If you'd like to negotiate the price, Note me and we can discuss. Depending on your individual request, price is subject to change on a case-by-case basis, but the above listings are a good ballpark for what to expect.An alternative to traditional payment or DA points, I may also accept commission exchanges. I am in need of character art/drawings for my Naruto Fanon OC's and would like to commission their making. If you wish to pay your commission to me with my requested art, then we can also do that, but we will need to discuss this in great detail, so please Note me.
Aura-Silvier Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2020
Hello! I'm currently seeking an RP partner! I have a wide variety of tastes and tend to be a fairly detailed writer! I'm looking for partners interestested in everything from Encasement to basic and lovely D/s relationships in RP. Toss me a PM if you're interested!

Fair warning, I am more or less the submissive type. Though I do occasionally play the dominant half in RP's if I like my partner and we mesh well ^_^

Current Craving is an RP based on the following pics:………

Ciao for now!

Aura <3
Yltoris Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2020
I'd join up, but I think my stories, or some at least, won't be appropriate.  I'm a long time RP Gamer, Dungeons & Dragons, to be specific.  Of late I've been writing short stories involving my characters, and posting them on my page.  My characters are almost always female.  The stories mostly involve combat, and somebody gets dead in the process.  A couple recent ones were DiD, but some are not.
gh0st-of-Ronin Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2020  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks for your interest. From you few descriptions, then most likely, yes, some of your stories will not fit in our group. DiD we take, yes. But death and any 'harsh' ending is not something we accept. Sorry.
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