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A professional theme made for developers and XP users who are at their PC for long periods.

Added a totally new sub-style:

XPMC Induztry.

A dark theme with black widgets, but not too dark. Most dark themes before too much over time; XPMC Induztry has purposely been left with light elements (such as the main window and all 3D area's). A perfect mix!

- Normal and compact versions.
- Matching wallpaper for each.
- Simple and elegant shellstyles.

See the readme for more info.

And more importantly: I hope you enjoy using this theme! :)

(Note: XPMC final will be released within the next month. It will have colour variations of both XPMC and XPMC Industry, along with matching Winamp and Trillian skins).

* I highly recommend using ClearType.
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This is beautiful.
it's the best of all XP themes. Especially the Induztry one is so beautifully done.
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you don't see themes like this these days
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love the iduztry theme...
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Would love to have a Windows 7 port of this theme, as others do.
Can you give me the permission to port XPMC VS to windows 7.

Thanks in advance
Nice Theme

can you please port it to windows 7.......

If you want to do so please do it for classic mode (Non Aero)with thin taskbar and thin titlebars

Good work....keep it up.....
could u port this theme for win7 ?

Great theme!
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Beautifully elegant theme. So nice and usable. The only thing I would improve is the scrollbar, which is hard to identify. Also, please make more colour modifications.
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I in delight from style
Beautiful Artwork.
Love the theme. I have one point to bring up though.

It seems that there is some kind of memory leak caused by using this theme on my installation. The explorer.exe process slowly consumes more and more memory and over the course of 24 hours I start to see "out of memory" errors. It can eat up more than 1 GB of memory in this time period. Using another Windows XP theme seems to have fixed the issue.

Still, I really like the unique feel of your theme, so if the memory issue went away I would probably use it again.
Hhow do I install this?
hello.i'm trying to 'install' the theme but i can't.
i have patched windows and i can use other themes but not this one.any ideas please?
Really nice Work, thx
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so simple n elegant, i like it very much.
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Is RC3 final? Or is there yet to come a final version?
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Seems to be Final ;)
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Great thank you
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very nice design.
I tend to get bored with the same stuff on my PC's screen. With this theme, I just keep coming back, again and again. Not only is it an eye-pleasing theme, it is also super-ergonomic and well thought-out.
b0se, you are a true master of visual styling!
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