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VS Preview: Gui.Air

Part 1 of the upcoming GUI Set, Air is bright, colourful and ergonomically sexy.

A beta was released months ago, but the project had to be put on the back burner (much to the dismay/anger of many Neowinians) due to a job move. The final version will be out within 4 weeks, which will have a few colour schemes - time permitting.

The second GUI theme - Gui.Unnamed - is 75% finished, and will be released a month or so after Gui.Air. Keep your eyes peeled for a sneak preview.

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Is there any chance that this will ever be released? I looks awesome.
hey, where did you get that sexy wallpaper???

I love bmw's and infiniti' witht the artistic touch to it.....

please give me a link to get those types of pictures...thanx
yugal's avatar
Love your work thanks for the lovely VS
cTn's avatar
Didn't you let us wait long enough ? =(
simayel's avatar
Still alive ?
vStyler's avatar
where ya at? :)
NoCTuRaMa's avatar
Looks awesome (just like the rest of your work :))
It's been pretty long of a wait! Please release it as New Year's gift!
iondarie's avatar
verry nice!

when will it be avalible?
CouchPotato's avatar
Ah b0sey is still alive.... ;)

Nice theme there mate.

your ex-APC co-worker
GekiSan's avatar
Looking great and sth. different too, I'm already sick of all these Vista skins. :D

Will there be any Color schemes?
Jace2005's avatar
The man is at it again! Vs King extrodinaire! Perfect look to it Ross.
Mate good to see you have a bit of free time to put out some new eye candy on the scene, we gotta keep in touch again mate, been to long.


jay-stealth's avatar
as ever you never cease to amaze. nice style however im currently using a mac, win + other hybrid at the minute.

i know its easy to ask but....seen as your doing a new vs. range how about an icon set to go with them?

The wallpaper is awesome.

I think launchy : [link] would go well with this theme :)
Desation's avatar
Been a month...any updates yet?
j44xm's avatar
Man. I haven't visited this site in months, probably, but here's a great surprise. You always deliver.
jivemastert's avatar
I look forward to seeing this released. Hope all of the colors are in there to... mmm... orange....
how can you keep a promise if you never make one ;)
martin10018's avatar
Which will be released first? Vista or GUI.Air? I guess Vista!

This must be the most anticipated vs ever. It's longer in the making than Duke Nukem Forever (well almost).

Just to tease you a little. Take your time and have a life. I know you keep your promises...
martin10018's avatar
Vista is nearing completion and will be released on the 30 th of January in Europe...
Can't wait for this :P
Franky8688's avatar
I have one request! At least for portuguese Windows Version having the buttons text Bold and using a wider Font make some buttons text not appearing completely :(
b0se's avatar
Thanks very much! Final release should be soon :¬)
leppy's avatar
absolutly wonderful work, I've been using the beta for weeks and that sure says alot, I've been stuck on classic windows theme with just a flattened startbart with tclock for YEARS, I could never be happy with a theme as a full time kinda thing - this crossed the barrier.

I love the perfection of it keep up the good workway to many sloppy themes out there, you do it right
uibutzl's avatar
don't forget to add support for vertical taskbar and large fonts ;)

i love your work - can't wait to get this vs downloaded =)
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