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January 8, 2004
Here we go again. Opus OS by ~b0se is another stunning example of the beauty of simplicity. You will never need another visual style after using this!
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Opus OS 1.5

Opus-OS Visual Style for Windows XP
Version : 1.5

By Ross 'b0se' Harvey, Opusworks

Designed to be eye-catching yet
unobtrusive, Opus OS provides a smooth
three dimensional GUI that you can almost touch.

Contains three flavours; Blue, Olive and Deep.

Each has both normal and compact start panel
variations with matching:

Shellstyles (by ThemeNorth)
Yz Dock backgrounds (by Marvilla @ DT2)
Rainlendar skins (by Zetter)
Wallpapers (Giants Collide by OpusWorks
other set by bangbang023)

Testers: djlethal01, Hidea, Marduk, TwiztedCam, vip.

Thanks to all mentioned above!

Updates since 1.0
- New colour : Deep
- Added : Undock image
- Tweaked : System colours
- Fixed : IE Progress bar (thanks ThemeNorth)
- Fixed : Centered Help caption button
- Many small GUI optimisations

Extract to Windows\Resources\Themes.

Comments to:
All material (c) Opusworks 2004
© 2004 - 2022 b0se
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Dear b0se, what about licensing? I personally consider this theme a masterpiece, and would like to port it to some linux desktop environments (particularly icewm). Would you allow me to do this? If yes, would you also bother to provide us with the sources (i.e. images and whatever was put into msstyles and dlls)?
Dear b0se, please, port it to Windows 7!
Dear b0se, please, port it to Windows 7!
gigaht's avatar
Still waiting ... come on b0se, you can do it.
Jr4594's avatar
hope you dont mind but ive made a simple chrome theme to match the colors of the blue substyle. [link] I gave you credit and linked to the page
love the theme btw (clearly)
b0se's avatar
Heck, thanks for the feedback! Great to see it being used 7 years since it was created!
I've had it on my XP for 5 or 6 years now. Wish it will be ported to Windows 7 for my laptop.
gigaht's avatar
Please, port it to windows 7 for the love of god! man.
I'm pretty sure people wont mind donating a bit, if that's the
case. anyhow , finger crossed.
minntie1130's avatar
I Like!!! Thank you
jelbo's avatar
My fav theme for XP, hope a Win7 port will be done sometimes.
Zenoxen's avatar
Damn! This one was hard to find....Awsome theme!
Been a while since I added a theme that I liked. This one is very good. Clean. Simple. Thumbs up!
Dorfee's avatar
I'm like a orange, why this booring colors?
jelbo's avatar
I would very much like this theme on Windows 7, it's the best I've ever used :)
Lu188's avatar
Профессиональная работа. Очень понравилась :D
vertus-design-being's avatar
Best Windows theme ever. Thanx for it.
sakutw's avatar
i love it
nice job!
digideth's avatar
is this still a viable theme it looks like it has been years since it was updated?
bachterman's avatar
somehow, the clock doesn't show up on the notification area. it's place is there, but the numbers ain't showing.
i've tried disabling and enabling the clock, but to no avail. :(
bachterman's avatar
oh, after a restart, it appeared. so it's a-ok now.
but why?
tiaralynn's avatar
this is nice does this work with vista?
tiaralynn's avatar
this theme looks nice.
does it work for vista or window blinds?
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