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The pack :)



All of the dog I am babysitting at the moment :) So it's 5 dog in total, only 2 are mine.

So from your left to your right.

Mystie, the corgi mix. She doesn't like most of the other dog but Whisper. She is the second most dominant female.

Watson, the portugese water dog. He is at the bottom of the pack. He is really submessive and his best friend his Carlos. They are always togueter.

Whisper, the german sheprador. He is the pack leader with Angie. Both of them control the rest togueter. Whisper protect Mystie and Angie from the rest. He won't be afraid to attack the one who doesn't follow the rules. He is also the one guarding the pack outside from human and all. Everyone follows him.

Angie the border collie/autralian sheherd mix. She is Whisper's ' girlfriend '. They are pretty much always togueter. She is the alpha female and wont hesitate to nip and bite at Carlos, Watson or Mystie to put them at the right place.

And Carlos the portugese water dog. He is always protecting Watson. He keep fighting with Whisper to have Angie, but mah Whisper is stronger xD
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they are beautiful
I want them all plz kae