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Digital Painting tutorial pt 1

part 1, basic tutorial for how i painted ashley olsen [link] and mary-kate olsen [link]

this is about the skin and face details. part 2 is for hair [link]

its not very detailed and if u have any questions please ask and i will answer

WARNING file is really really big so sorry to dialup users
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Nice work. Anyone who doesn't think she could do this from scratch probably isn't good at drawing realistic art. If you can draw realistic in paint, pen or pencil, you can definitely do it digitally too but faster. Her end result is semi realistic and even if she started with a photo underlay, so what? She is still very skilled/talented artist.

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This is really good and helpful. :)
You're amazing.
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how many layers do you use on pieces like this?
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very realistic! impressive...
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Somehow I can't bring myself to believe that you painted this. It really looks like a photo that was painted over. 
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Thanks! Considering you can see where the darkest part of the nostrils are before she even 'paints' them, really gives
the impression of a reworked photo.
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not to mention there's a whiteish cutoff line around the eye sockets... ah, sad.
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This is really good, great job!
What program do you use to draw and what are your brush settings? 
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HOLLY HELL! (?) Looks so real D:! Awesome BTW
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really helpful! thank you!
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You're amazing.
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This is so freaking awesome thank you!!!! :)
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Holy crap......this is amazing. It's so good that I don't think I can even use the process for my art, since I do cartoony type stuff.
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Great. thx so much.
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This, looks pretty much like a reversed Foto Overpaint, that has been blurred at the beginning.
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