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DVD Game Template

Here's the PSD template for making DVD Game Icons.
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Thanks, good work!
Como la descargo?
great post! thanks
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Gracias y buen trabajo
nice creation
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where did you find the template??
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He made it..

Either that or we are all caught in a great big white lie. :meow:
thanks,for sharing
thx for sharing
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very nice & useful =)

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Thanks a bunch mate, I have one problem though, I have no dificulties finding pictures of the front of the boxes but I have absolutely no idea where to get pictures of the sides, or spines as you call them. Can you help me out? Cheers :)
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Hi, I use to get all my covers from [link] they always seemed to have the entire dvd sleeve (i.e front, back and spine). Hope that helps you.
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Thanks, looks like a great site that.
Aleready managed to get a couple of covers from elsewhere and made a small pack of the games I needed. Thanks again for the template :)
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Excellent PSD. You should consider moving / adding this to the photoshop resource section... you would get more praise then here.
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there seems to be something wrong on the top of your design. The PC DVD-rom seems a bit ...crushed.
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oh and nice work. :)
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