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Strange Day on the Double Mint Freeway

By B01NK
I wanted to draw a ship sinking, and this was the result!

Ink freehand on News Print, February 2014
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Clever, playful and funny. I like it.
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Cool, thanks man!  Glad you like it.
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RogerBassinet, thank you!  It is intended to be fun exercise for the eyes and the imagination.
mame-ozizo's avatar
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Awesome!  Thank you.  I'm glad you do! :-)
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Thank you for the sweet comment, Skysofdreams! :-)  I will certainly check out your contest.
Connan-Bell's avatar
Which way is up here!?!? GAAAH!!!
B01NK's avatar
Surely upways is up....
But perhaps it also isn't.
Connan-Bell's avatar
That is not an answer!! *falls up* Nooo!!!
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so you drew the ship sinking... and then amalgamated the thoughts of all the poor souls on board in one single image...
this is ripping good stuff.
peace and love :peace:
B01NK's avatar
Thanks for such thoughtful insights, sir!  That is certainly one meaning that can be synthesized from the context presented.  Another possibility is that the maze represents life; a series of divergent paths where one is faced with constant decisions.  Whether to board a ship, to open a box with a warning label on it, or to drive your car onto the freeway.  The freeway too is itself a path, bifurcating many times, yet all lanes lead to chaos.  Notice that the only people who are "safe" are the few souls protected by their "art"; the cigar chomping fellow bathing in his can of paint, and the clown hiding in her Crayon box. 

Or maybe the drawing means none of the above! :D  It's cool that it can be translated in so many ways...          
TheMrDoodle's avatar
I love this! You've put so much on the page and I think it's awesome!
B01NK's avatar
Thank you! :D  And, yes, I like to crowd the page with details.
JohnPaulHunter's avatar
This piece is genius! Love it
B01NK's avatar
Awesome!  Thanks! :-) I'm glad that you love it...  More coming soon. 
Gell-pen's avatar
Wow, wow wow! This is awesome! You've got talent and patience! Perfect combination!
B01NK's avatar
Thanks for the kind comment!  This piece did require a good bit of patience, but it was so much fun! :-)
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KirstenRowe's avatar
This is really spectacular!  You have amazing talent!
B01NK's avatar
That is so nice of you to say!  Thank you! :D (Big Grin) 
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