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Jorge Luis Borges, Tom Stoppard, Edgar Poe

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Music, Cinema, Root Beer, Stairs
Bonkersville Leftovers Header by B01NK
I recently uploaded a new piece of art to my gallery, a drawing called Bonkersville.  It's another densely-packed doodle realm of nonsense structures, mischievous characters and lots of staircases.  Drawings like this usually take me about a month to finish, but Bonkersville took nearly 4 months!  There were simply too many ideas rum-tum-tumbling around in my head, competing to be included on the page.  I decided to make preliminary sketches (something I usually don't do), to help me sort out which ideas to use in the final piece.  Drawing these mock-ups took a lot of extra time.  It also generated a bunch of unused scrapsSome of these bits were pretty cool, even though they didn't make the final cut.  Thus, I now present to you, my left-overs...

Bonkersville - compare1 final by B01NK
In one early sketch, before I had developed the concept of the Bonk-O-Metertm, I had the idea of putting a huge Egyptian mummy case standing in that spot.  I like Ancient Egyptian art and lore, and I wanted to work something about that into the drawing.  Ultimately I nixed the mummy case.  But, there's still an Ancient Egyptian element elsewhere in Bonkersville.  Maybe you noticed it?

Bonkersville - compare2 final by B01NK
I had a heck of a time settling on what words the astronaut should say just before he blasts off from Bonkersville.  There were so many good (and funny) options.  I also thought at one point that I'd help Connan-Bell with a sign so he'd know which way is "up" in this drawing.  But, then I decided against it and changed the sign, just to confuse him further! <evil laugh>

The Barfing Guy final2 by B01NK
Oh look, here's a guy barfing!  He's from another of the early Bonkersville sketches.  I really like how the cascading arc of his vomit mimics the larger waterfall behind him, bringing a certain parallelism to the composition.  I ended up replacing the barfing guy with a cyclops character, but he might just show up again in a future drawing.  So be on the lookout!

Bonkersville - compare3 final by B01NK
This quadrant of Bonkersville saw quite a number of changes over time.  In a very early draft, the role-playing gamers were going to be a set of human children (see image at the top of this journal), but due to size constraints and other factors, they ended up as anthropomorphized animals instead.  The Dalek(R) versus astronauts battle was a very late addition.  The original plan for that space was actually quite different.  See if you can find the other things that differ between the early sketch and final version of this panel.  Have fun!      



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Everything else here are registered properties of b01nk, mayor and head janitor of BonkersvilleUSA


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