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Shooting Model Stock Tutorial

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Here are my tips on shooting model stock. Hope you find it useful, sorry for the large amount of text in the tutorial.

All of the 'bad' examples are from my own shoots. I didn't want to single anybody out

[link] by =liam-stock
[link] by =Nirelstock Photographer: [link]
[link] by =liam-stock
[link] by *mjranum-stock
[link] by *Cait-Shoxxi-Stock
[link] by`Elandria
[link] by ~RazorCandi
[link] by*tanit-isis-stock
[link] by *mizzd-stock

Tutorials by M.J. Ranum
Lighting: [link]
Model Stock: [link]

Other Helpful Tutorials
[link] by `shelldevil
[link] by =RaeyenIrael-Stock
[link] by ~AttempteStock
[link] by ~flamingangel

And something that every new stock artist should read
[link] by ^Hanratty-Stock
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As this is the second tutorial I've seen on "What stock images are not", could you please point me to "What stock images are"? I'm not being nasty, but I am a photographer and what I consider 'stock' (commercial stock) and what is stock to an artist are not the same, so I'd like to have more information and examples of 'excellent' and 'preferred' styles of images so that I may contribute in a positive and productive way, not wasting my time or the time of the other artists that may use my images. Thanks for any information you can share, and for taking the time to read this. :)
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Okay, now I just feel stupid. I looked at the last link you have posted, and since that did answer a lot of the questions I have, I'd like to apologize. Perhaps if I'd read your comments better I'd never have asked. But still, I'd love to see some ideas of what images you think are most helpful for an artist. I understand the technical side of photography (lighting, grain, using a tripod to eliminate blur, and strobes to stop motion, etc) but to see samples of what people think are the 'best' would be greatly helpful. Thanks. ;)
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Hello again. I don’t know if you remember me but we have worked together recently.
I was just asked to submit something and I took the time to see what is this group all about. I have been reading the above and although I am not a member I can’t agree with the following

:bulletpink: Facial expression

Unmatched expressions are the founding component of any creative deviation. In your example a sad widow would be the expected thing but that will not give the average artist the chance to think outside of the box. However a smiling widow will make me thing that I should but a young stud next to her over a grave implying that she killed her husband to keep the money and spend it with the young guy in Hawaii. Generally if you show the expected expression the artists will used it only for the expected reason.

:bulletpink: Wardrobe malfunctions

Most stock artists are just a model with a camera. Some have to actually press the timer and run and pose. Imperfections are part of the deal. We don’t have to have the perfect photo to make a nice piece of art. If you see a shoe too big then the artist should take the extra time to resize it. When an artist sees a bra strap they don’t like then its their job to remove it. Let’s not forget we are here to have fun. Fixing and changing details is the point. Its always better to have a photo with malfunctions then not to have it.

:bulletpink: wardrobe/ hair /make up

Accessorizing is a two sided knife. On the one hand you will help the artists that don’t want to put the extra effort to make something extra nice. On the other hand you will prohibit the creative artists to accessorize the model the way they like it.

Thanks for reading
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Dang! This is SOOO helpful! I totally agree with the fact that full body stock is AWESOME. I don't like it when you find portraits that are fantastic, but their missing their bodies.
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Ooops, the groups link is: [link] It's listed twice in the blog :D
Storms-Stock's avatar
Hi there,

I have linked my group to this tut for reasons their images may be rejected and as a guide to what constitutes good vs. bad stock. It really helped my a lot when i first started, so thank you :heart:
B-SquaredStock's avatar
Oh wow thank you :heart: I'm so glad that it helped :) And thank you for linking it in your blog. You have set up your group very well, it's very clear and organized and I'm sure it will do very well!
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Great tutorial ! Thank you =)
B-SquaredStock's avatar
Glad to be of help!
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Yes between this and Mr Ranum we might get better stock ..However.. there are some Reference providers that clearly do NOT want their "stock" used as anything but pose reference though they should possibly say This is Intentionally grainy and out of focus for Reference use Only ...LMAO... those that Think they are providing Stock for Manipulations this way are just NOT Thinking and possible Glory Hounds LMAO PERSONAL OPINION OF COURSE.... Like those that submit crouch groin shots and claim those are STOCK images yeahhhh RIGHHGTTT
mjranum-stock's avatar
Thanks for the ref to my stock! :D
B-SquaredStock's avatar
You're welcome! As far as I'm concerned, your stock sets the bar here on DeviantArt :heart:
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you should post more of them.
PS: I love my panties shot ;)
LethargicLauren's avatar
when'd we do the stock in the white skirt? I honestly don't remember that one...
B-SquaredStock's avatar I think it was on a crazy day where we did a whole bunch of shoots. I'm going through the pictures now actually :)
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Great tutorial! All very valid points!! Thanks for using my stock! :hug:
B-SquaredStock's avatar
Thank you :) You always have such wonderful stock!
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Having literally just bought a camera to start getting a few model photo's, this tutorial is perfect and will probably save me several wasted shoots learning these things the hard way.

Awesome stuff, thanks! :D
B-SquaredStock's avatar
That's great to hear! I'm sure you will have a lot of fun shooting models :) I'm glad this could be of help to you :hug:
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