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You Grow, Girl


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Part of the Team: Part 3


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Overwatch Tour: The MVB


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This is cool. BBW wg model IsabellHar made a video where she live reads my short story, "Your Tour": https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/7700-blueberry-expansion-story-my-tour/

July Smutdate, 2020

July Smutdate, 2020

Hey everyone, hope you're all continuing to stay safe. I've been self isolating for nearly four months now, and it's certainly been a surreal experience. While I'm lucky enough to be able to do my work from home, the lack of structure and outside stimulus have really blended the days together. Lots of naps. Lots of video games. Lots of social media (too much social media. Too, too much social media). Thank goodness for smut, am I right? Speaking of... Item 1! I'm excited to announce that the latest issue of Hotel Infinity was released yesterday. Featuring a bevy of expansions of transformations, this issue sees the epic duel between the sorceresses Kallinara and Selene, with poor Lexie caught in the crossfire. Just who will emerge victorious? For more info, check out @expansion-fan-comics Item 2! Last week I received some awesome Hotel Infinity fan art from @Conyoudigit and just had to share it. Aww, look at how happy they all are. Getting fan art like this really makes my day

Commissions, Comics, and Contagions

Commissions, Comics, and Contagions

Hey everyone, I hope you're all doing well amidst the chaos and confusion going on in the world. When we started 2020 I had no idea things would be this bananas, but I suppose few of us did. Personally, I've been self-isolating in my apartment, only leaving for groceries and the occasional beach party orgy. I'm generally a shut-in in the healthiest of times, but it still takes a lot of adjustment, as I'm sure most of you are aware. One small silver lining is that this has given me some time to focus on writing, both smut-related and otherwise. It can be hard to focus on writing with all the uncertainty going on, but I do find it helps to give yourself a schedule and some semblance of structure. To that end, I'm now open for story commissions. It's been quite a while since I've done commissions, so I'm going to start with a limited amount of slots (4 to start with), but depending on how that goes, I may open up more soon after (EDIT: The slots have been filled, but I'm still adding

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Birthday happy
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday and many more! ^-^
Happy Birthday!
SongOfSwellingHobbyist Digital Artist
Heya, hope your birthday goes well!
Hi, haven't seen anything new from you in a while so I thought I'd check up and see if everything's ok.
Hey, thanks for checking. Things have been okay--very busy during the holiday months! I've got a few things on the horizon (mostly comics for expansion-fan and transform-fan plus one or two other things), so hopefully I'll have some fun things to share soon.