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Of the various fetishes I cover, which is your favourite? 

101 deviants said Fruit and food transformation
44 deviants said Regular Expansion (ie weight gain, inflation, etc.)
38 deviants said A hybrid of several (ie. strawberry cows, fat bimbos)
31 deviants said Animal transformation
12 deviants said Bimbofication
5 deviants said Mental changes and hypnosis
2 deviants said Other (please specify)
1 deviant said None. I wish you'd write about _____ instead! (please specify)


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“Here we are, ladies and gentlemen!” cried Wonka as he led the tour group into the next room. “Wonka factory's very own botanical gardens!”

The crowd of young men and women oohed and aahed at their surroundings. Filling the expansive room were beautiful and exotic plants of all different shapes and sizes, colours and hues. Off to one side bloomed rose-like plants of a vibrant rainbow pattern. In another corner was a huge orchid, its orange-and-green flowers resembling the faces of Oompa Loompas. The tour group had never before seen anything like it in their lives.

“Wow!” shouted an excitable girl named Meredith. “This whole place is beautiful!”

“And it smells lovely!” added another girl, Christina, as she took a deep breath, savouring the flowery scent.

“I would hope so!” said Wonka with a grin. “At the Wonka factory, our botanical garden isn't just a place for our employees to visit to relax. It's here where we cultivate our flowers to be used in tandem with our candies.”

“What do you mean?” asked Nathan. “What do the flowers have to do with your candy?”

Wonka smiled. “Why, more than you'd think! We use the flowers as a dye ingredient for many of our products, as well as perfumes that add that special aromatic quality to our candies.”

“Oh, no wonder your candy smells so good!” said Christina excitedly. The other tour members laughed at that, Wonka included.

“Well, thank you for saying so! Now, let's be moving on to the next room.”

“Aww,” pouted Meredith. “Can't we stay and look some more at the flowers? We just got here!”

“Er, well...” Wonka hesitated for a moment, but was interrupted by Christina.

“Please, Mr. Wonka? This room is so beautiful, it would be a shame to leave so soon!” The other tour members all voiced their agreement, and Wonka was forced to relent.

“Oh, I suppose that we can linger for a few minutes.” The group cheered and began to spread out through the garden. “But please! Don't get too close to the plants! Some are potentially quite dangerous, so it's important to keep your distance.”

Christina paid him little heed as she wandered down the garden path. She figured he was probably worried that they would trample all over the delicate flowers, which was an understandable concern. But other than that, she saw no reason for him to be worried. It wasn't like these plants were poisonous, right? Especially if they were being used in a candy factory?

She took her time strolling from plant to plant, admiring all the scents and colours, the strange and unique shapes. They looked like flora from another planet, alien and mysterious yet undeniably beautiful.

She eventually came to a row of blue flowers shaped like small cups. In their centre was some sort of golden liquid, which dribbled slowly from the sides. Christina paused to regard the flowers. Though not nearly as beautiful as the other plants, there was something incredibly alluring about them. She took a deep breath and realized that it was the plant's scent. It smelled wonderful, far better than any of the perfumes she had ever owned. She closed her eyes, took another deep whiff, and sighed. Oh, what she wouldn't give to smell like that.

She smiled to herself. Well, why couldn't she? Looking around to make sure no one saw her, she reached forward and stuck a finger in the golden liquid. She paused, bringing it closer to her nose to savour its aroma. It was sweet and sensual, with hints of flavours she couldn't quite place, but which smelled delightful nonetheless. With a guilty grin, Christina dabbed the liquid behind both ears, then went for more, which she rubbed against her wrists. Then another dab at the base of her throat, and finally one between her cleavage. She stepped back and sniffed before smiling in satisfaction. She smelled wonderful.

She continued her way along the garden path, absently thinking of the attention she'd receive when she went out with her friends tonight. She knew she looked cute already, but with a perfume this good, she was bound to be irresistible, especially to members of the opposite sex.

As she walked down the path, she was a bit too preoccupied to notice that the flowers she passed seemed to be swaying in her direction, as if somehow drawn to her.

She eventually came to a large, exotic plant. Mounted on its many thick stems were several bulbous green flowers in the shape of starfishes. Christina leaned closer to get a better look, and was surprised to see one of the stems slowly lift up towards her!

“Whoah.” She leaned back, a bit startled, but then chuckled to herself for being so jumpy. After all, the group had already seen dozens of unbelievable sights today on their tour of the Wonka factory. A moving plant hardly should have surprised her. She smiled and leaned closer to the flower. It seemed to take an interest in her, because it was now leaning forward, almost like an inquisitive animal.

“Why hello there,” she said to the plant, amused. “What's your na-aaccck!”

Before she knew what had happened, the flower seemed to lunge forward on its stem, wrapping its starfish petals around her mouth. She let out a muffled shout of surprise, then tried to pry the flower loose. It had fastened itself on surprisingly tightly, refusing to budge despite her attempts to free herself. She let out another muffled cry.

“Mmmph! Mmph!” Was this what Wonka meant when he said that the plants were dangerous? She tugged against the stem, but it was no use.

Her shouts had drawn the attention of the other group members, who quickly rushed over to see what the problem was. When they saw her struggling with the the flower around her mouth, they gasped in alarm.

“Wonka!” cried Nathan. “What the hell is that flower doing to Christina?”

“I...” Wonka began, clearly at a loss for words. “I'm not sure! Some of the plants in this garden are known to have relatively, ah, aggressive pollination habits, but they've never tried to breed with humans before! It should really know better!”

Christina's eyes went wide. Breed? What was Wonka talking about? She tried miming for them to come and help her, but the group had kept a nervous distance, and she let out a moan of frustration.

That frustration quickly turned to alarm, as she felt a thick fluid oozing from the center of the flower, directly into her mouth. “MMMMPH! NNNPH!” She shook her head wildly, hoping that the motion would dislodge the plant, but it held fast. She could feel the liquid flowing into her mouth, being pumped down her throat, and she had no choice but to swallow or choke.

As she swallowed the plant's mysterious concoction, she began to feel dizzy, her whole body numb. N-no, what's happening to me? I feel so funny... She stumbled forward, finding it difficult to keep her balance on shaky legs. “Mpphhh...” Another step forward, and she had stumbled into the nest of starfish plants, which all seemed to rouse to life as the original one had.

The group watched in horror and fascination as the other plants all began to slither around Christina, some wrapping around her legs and trailing upwards. She pawed feebly at them but more of the plants cinched around her wrists, holding her in place. And all the while she was being force fed that oozing... whatever it was... making her feel so dizzy... so wrong...

L-look!” shouted Meredith. “Something's... happening to her!”

The group gasped as Christina's stomach bulged, her belly button visible from beneath her shirt. The pale flesh only continued to pulse and grow with each pump of the liquid into her mouth. She looked down in confusion and alarm at her growing belly, trying to pull down her shirt to cover herself, but her hands were held in place by the plants. “Mmmph! Mmph!”

More and more of the starfish flowers reached for her, drawn by her alluring floral scent, eager to cross-pollinate. One stem snaked under her shirt and between her cleavage, wrapping around a breast and squeezing. Another creeped up the hem of her pants, eliciting a nervous squeal from the girl.

And still she continued to grow as she was pumped full of fattening nectar. Her belly swelled bigger and bigger, swaying as she struggled against the flowers' hold. Her breasts and ass weren't far behind, growing fat and heavy as they were squeezed by the sensual plants. Her arms, her legs, her face. All of it getting plump as she could do nothing but swallow. “Mmmphhhh... mmph!

Tears flowed down Christina's face as her figure was destroyed before the crowd's very eyes. Any hopes of modesty were dashed as her shirt began to tear loudly along her body, her pants following a few moments later. It was soon too much for the garments, which burst off to reveal her body in all its plump, nectar-filled glory.

Oh my god, she's become such a fatass!” said one man. He hadn't meant to be cruel; the shock of the sight in front of him had merely erased any sense of a filter.

No, not fat!” commented Meredith. “She's looking kinda... I dunno, round?”

Christina craned her head to get a look at her naked body, and squealed in dismay. “Nnmmph!” It was true, her body had gotten swollen and huge, but it hadn't even had the decency to fatten like a normal human. Something about the way she was growing was.... off. Very wrong.

Her hips had widened considerably, merging with the slope of her belly to form an almost uniform curve that led from just below her tits to her swollen feet. She craned her fattened face to get a look behind her and saw that the slope continued along her widened ass, giving her bottom half the rough shape to match the bottom half of a sphere of flesh. She supposed the top half of her body continued the sphere shape, but it was impossible to see much beyond her huge tits.

You're right,” the man responded to Meredith. “She looks like she's turning into a... big ball of some kind.”

Oh, I very much doubt that,” commented Wonka. “But you're not too far off, if my suspicions are correct.”

Christina grimaced. What did Wonka mean by that? Before she could dwell on it, the plants surrounding her began to writhe along her round body. She tried struggling again but it was so hard... she was so tired and heavy. The flower in her mouth tugged her face forward, causing her to trip and land on the slope of her belly, exposing her ass and kicking feet to the crowd.

Oh god,” Meredith started. “What are they doing n- oh. Oh no.”

Twin starfish plants lunged toward Christina from behind, planting themselves on her twin orifices and causing her to gasp in surprise. Another two latched on her inflated tits, one on each nipple. She squirmed madly, but a few seconds later she could feel more nectar being pumped into her, and the dizziness returned tenfold.

The group could only watch as she continued to be pumped full of the stuff, her sluggish body growing bigger and rounder. Christina's eyes rolled back and she let out a muffled moan. God help her, but this was starting to feel... good. She let out another moan, but this one had a tinge of arousal to it. “Mmghh...”

Oh gosh,” said one of the women as they watched the plants pump their nectar into the rounding woman's swollen ass. “She's really starting to get into this, isn't she?”

You'd think the plant would have bought her dinner first,” said another girl with a sheepish grin. The group let out a little laugh. It wasn't a particularly clever joke, and the situation was hardly a laughing matter, but the tension was so high in the room that the group was thankful for any excuse to lighten the mood.

Encouraged by the laughter, another group member piped up. “Wow, I've heard of loving nature, but this is ridiculous!” More laughter from the crowd. It was a preferable alternative to being horrified, after all. They pointed and giggled, and Wonka didn't chastise them, because he himself was too busy watching Christina's transformation in fascination.  

Christina heard them and was devastated that she had become a laughing stock, but could do little more than wriggle and moan as the plants plumped her up. She was really getting big and round now, like an over-inflated balloon. Her arms and legs had been swallowed by her swelling body, leaving only fat hands and feet still held in place by the plants. Even her face had sunk down, her neck now lost from sight. Her breasts, however, had retained their shape, growing bigger and jutting from her body like two smaller balls attached to the larger one. And a big ball she had become, nearly six feet in diameter and still slowly growing. Although there was something else happening to her...

Eww, look at her skin!” cried Meredith. “I think she's changing colour!”

Sure enough, her pale flesh was darkening in hue, first her overfilled belly and breasts, then the rest of her body, then finally her terrified face, all turning a rich blue. She looked frantically around with wide eyes but could see little beyond her bulging cheeks, but even her vision seemed to be turning blue, like a filter had dropped over her eyes.

She looks like a big fat blueberry!” someone remarked.

I think you mean a Boob-berry,” joked another. “Look at those titties!” Laughter, accompanied by wolf-whistles and catcalls, as the crowd pointed at the inflated girl.

More tears flowed down Christina's swollen blue face as she struggled to move, but did little more than flap her hands. Blueberry...? No, no, that's all wrong! This can't be happening to m-- more nectar pumped into her-- ohhhhfuck. Why is that feeling better and better? No... get a grip, this is wrong, you need to find a way to-- another spurt.  

Mmhhnnng!” Christina's eyes drooped as a sweet nectar dribbled from her mouth from under the starfish flower. Similar juices were dribbling from other openings. No... oh god, yes. Fuck. M-more!

The group were really enjoying themselves as they watched Christina get fucked senseless by the plants. “Ha!” Meredith shouted. “Looks like the slutberry's really loving it!”

No... no... Christina tried to shake her head but another pump of the nectar had her moaning stupidly instead, much to everyone's amusement.

“I think I've seen enough,” Wonka remarked with a nod. He retrieved a whistle and blew a sharp note into it.

The crowd looked around as Oompa Loompas suddenly marched into the room, accompanied by a soft hum of music, though just where the music was coming from was anyone's guess.

Christina blinked through her lusty haze to view the approaching creatures with apprehension as they surrounded her. Where they here to help her? Turn her back? Was that even possible?

But instead of giving any clear indication of their intentions, they just started to sing:

Oompa Loompa Doompity doo

I've got a perfect puzzle for you.

Oompa Loompa Doompity dee

If you are wise you'll listen to me.

Christina was both relieved and, worryingly, disappointed when the Oompa Loompas grasped the plants attached to her and gave them a soft squeeze. At their touch, the starfish plants released their hold on her and retreated back towards the ground. Juice dribbled from her exposed openings, and she spat out as much of the nectar as she could.

“Oh... oh my god...” she said, her voice sluggish and slurring. It was hard to speak through her swollen cheeks. “Th-thank... thank you... th-aaaaaghh!”

Her words were interrupted as the Loompas gave her a rough shove and began unceremoniously rolling her down the garden path.

What do you get when a dumb little thot

Disobeys rules so that she can smell hot?

Christina objected to the lyrics they were singing, but it was hard enough not to feel sick as she was rolled down the path, hair whipping in her face, breasts smushing against the ground and spraying juice. Just where where they taking her?

Eager for people to want in her pants,

How does it feel to put out. For. Plants?

The Oompa Loompas pushed her deeper into the garden, past grasping plants and tickling flowers, and Christina felt that something was wrong. They should be taking her away from the plants not towards more of them!

You get a fat slutberry!

They stopped at the base of a large tree, and the Christina glanced upwards in confusion, which soon turned to shock. Hanging high above in the tree's branches were dozens of huge round berries, each nearly as fat and round as she was! Why... why had the Oompa Loompas rolled her here?

Wonka and the crowd had followed behind and were watching with rapt interest as the Loompas took several steps back.

“What happens now?” asked Nathan.

“Now,” Wonka answered, “we wait for the tree to catch the berry's scent.”

“Whuh!?” Christina sputtered? She kicked her fat little feet in protest but that only seemed to waft her scent towards the tree, because a huge thick vine descended from the tree towards her. “Oh fuck oh fuck!”

“Oh fuck's right!” shouted Meredith, and the group laughed as the vine penetrated Christina, eliciting a lusty moan from the fat berry.

If the starfish plants had been a taste of things to come, then this was the main course. Stars exploded behind Christina's eyes as she let forth a mind-shattering orgasm that left her disoriented and confused. She let out an involuntary coo and squirmed as best she could, feeling new nutrients and nectar pumped into her.

“Aw, does the fat widdle slutberry like that?” a voice called

God help her, the fat widdle slutberry DID like that. She moaned incoherently as her blue body got even fatter, overtaking more traces of her humanity. Her pudgy fingers and toes disappeared from sight, replaced by smooth berry flesh, leaving her a huge blueberry with a fattened face, two huge mounds where her breasts once were, and an opening that was currently being serviced by a massive tree.

Then she felt herself being lifted up, up into the branches above, where more vines waited, plunging into her puckered, drooling mouth, wrapping around her huge round tits, squeezing and fucking her and filling her up, perfect and plump.

As she was fucked and filled, she could hear the crowd retreating below, their laughter drowned out by the final verse of the Loompas' song.

Oompa Loompa Doompity dah,

Listen to us and you will go far.

Now you're huge and filling with seeds,

Due to your dumb Doompity deeds!

And then there was just silence, save for her own moans and the thrusting of the vines as she joined the other berries in the treetops above.

BerryChicka Surprise
Commission for blueberrylover. Thanks for supporting Bloomph!

This is a gift story for BerryChicka (posted with her approval), involving her having an unfortunate experience on Wonka's tour. The direction was to go for "degrading", and I hope I delivered!

Bloomph!!! by b-ridge



Of the various fetishes I cover, which is your favourite? 

101 deviants said Fruit and food transformation
44 deviants said Regular Expansion (ie weight gain, inflation, etc.)
38 deviants said A hybrid of several (ie. strawberry cows, fat bimbos)
31 deviants said Animal transformation
12 deviants said Bimbofication
5 deviants said Mental changes and hypnosis
2 deviants said Other (please specify)
1 deviant said None. I wish you'd write about _____ instead! (please specify)
Hello everyone!

First of all, thanks for all the birthday wishes! I hope everyone has been enjoying the year so far (ideally with a copy of Bloomph! at their side). I've mostly been occupied with fulfilling commissions for the Indiegogo campaign, but that doesn't mean that there aren't a few fun announcements to look forward to.

1. Out today! The fourth audiobook chapter from my Wonka's New Tour series, Peep Show.

Wonka's New Tour - chapter #4: Peep Show by okayokayokok

This chapter has the distinction of being :iconokayokayokok:'s favourite chapter, and I can't say I blame him. The love and attention to details he put into this cover is as superb as ever, and BJ-Bambi's voice work hits new heights of sexiness.

But don't take my word for it. You can hear a ten-minute sample below.

If you're interested in purchasing the audio book, you can do so here.

2. Speaking of Peep Show...

There's been a relatively new artist on Deviantart whose work I've been admiring for the past couple of months. You may have seen some of their works show up in my favourites, but :iconcasualobsessive: has been absolutely killing it lately. What's more, they did me the honor of making an illustration for Peep Show, which needs to be seen to be believed.

Gift:  Wonka's New Tour: Chapter 4 by CasualObsessive

I know, right?

3. Speaking of factory tours gone wrong...

I may have mentioned a while ago that I've won a few free commissions from :iconexpansion-fan-comics:. One commission I highlighted a few months ago was this delightful piece, illustrated by :iconr2roh:, depicting a tour gone wrong, with delicious results:

Dough-n't Break Wonka's Rules! by expansion-fan-comics

Well, lucky me, I won again, and decided to commission a follow-up to the piece. Looks like I just can't leave a tour scenario alone, and have to make everything into a series, don't I?

A Sucker Born Every Minute by expansion-fan-comics

(click on the above image to read the accompanying story by yours truly)

As you can see, things are really starting to escalate. Will there be more in this series? Only time will tell!

4. Speaking of Expansion-Fan Comics...

This month, I'm excited to say that I've got two comics on the horizon, both continuations of series that I've been having a blast writing. In just over a week, :icontransform-fan-comics: will release In the Swine of Duty issue 2, featuring the return of our hapless police woman turned porker, Jessica O'Neil. And as you can see from the image below, this time she brought her partner!

In The Swine of Duty 2 - Milk and Bacon by transform-fan-comics

And then a week after that, Hotel Infinity issue 4 will be released over at :iconexpansion-fan-comics:, seeing Lexie get into perhaps more trouble than she bargained for when a dangerous witch takes an interest in her.

Maid Becomes Fat and Dumb by expansion-fan-comics

For fans of the series, Hotel Infinity 4 is my favourite issue so far. I'm a huge fan of the way it turned out, and I can't wait for everyone to enjoy it as well!

Okay, I *think* that's it from me for now. Out of all the great stuff on the horizon, what are you most excited for? Let me know in the comments below!
  • Listening to: Peep Show, the audio book
  • Reading: Bloomph!



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