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revamp kinda

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Status: Active.
Public Enrollments: Active.
INVITEES: Apps are due 9/24/13 = You may start turning them in on 8/30/13.

Bonding Exercises

Blind Date: Doki Doki ~
"Doki Doki" is an event that members may complete monthly. Basically you sign up with your character and the mods will pair your character up with another, probably a character that hasn't met yours yet and you are to either roleplay [in front of the mods], sketch a comic, or draw a piece to complete this event.
Goal: Helps recruits meet new recruits and make friends

Nice To Meet Ya : NTMY
NTMY is an event that members may complete weekly. This event will help you meet people and make friends within the group. Basically the mods will assign you to a person and we want you guys to get to know each other. You may roleplay, draw each others characters [doesn't have to be from breach], etc. Please just have fun! There is also a possibility that you will end up with a mod, we want to make friends too!
Goal: Helps members meet new members and make friends

Bomb Ceremony: BC
Secret event. Every recruit must complete this event. In order to complete BC you must speak to Fae-ru, Xhvm, Pikolait, or Tigerfais. If you have completed BC, make sure to never tell one who hasn't completed BC anything about BC. Basically, BC is a forbidden topic unless you speak to the mods for newcomers.
Goal: LOL...

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hi. sorry, but i'm leaving this group. have a nice day.
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how do i turn the apps in? Do I note the gruop?
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Ahh I apologize for the group's slow progress! Please be patient, we are not able to look at nonmember's apps right now. weeps on your shoulder I apologize for being so slow.
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