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a small collection of the logos I've design from the past few years.
some for competitions, some commercial (copyrighted by the poordesigners, ideografiki SA)
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Nice designs. Give me your thoughts on
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How many people told you that the "giganto books" logo totally looks like Guy Fieti from the Food Network?!
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actually you are the first one...
krazie-artist006's avatar
Haha! Cool. But do you see it?
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well I did see him, you are so right!
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these logos r beautiful!!
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Love it! Absolutely amazing work, man!
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Creative dude, nice work :highfive:
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foberi sullogi agori!

na eisai kala ;) kai na exeis panta omorfes douleies!
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euxarisw alexandra mou gia ta kala sxolia,

paei xathikes? send kana neo bre.
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xaxaxa nai ontws xathika!

sto panorama tha eisai? an nai, tha ta poume apo konta
ps se exw sto msn, feel free to chat :P
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compelling collection, bro
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I really like your unique typography! Keep up! :)
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thanks a lot, most of the times I design my own lettering for the logos, part of this being unique.
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Kapoia ta vlepo proti fora. Poli omorfa!!! congratulations man!!

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amazing work
i like them all :D
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some good work there, well done
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