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Water Violin



First try to transform other things into water instead of animals. I really hope you also like this one ;)

Background: Photo I took myself...
Model: :iconb-e-c-k-y-stock: [link]
Water: purchased here: [link]
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The violin is very. very well done. I'm glad that that is the focus of the artwork. I only have a few things I disagree with how you went about on this piece. The rain is nice how you did it for in the distance, but up closer, droplets are bigger and in more detail. Also, the water splashing from the violin looks great, but if it were truly raining out, she wouldn't appear as dry as she looks. There would be water droplets running down her torso, arms, and her hair would be soaked. I suggest if you are going to make it 'raining' in the picture, have the picture of the model be of one where she has her hair wet to make it more realistic. Also, I don't think I see anyone play the violin while practically screaming. Usually most are calm, and close their eyes when getting into playing a melody, but I've yet to see someone like this. Ok, before you think I'm writing all bad stuff, here's a few good things I like: The hair is obviously going to be blown around by the wind from the rain, so that makes sense in this, also, I like how the bow appears more ice-like that way she can hold it. As a violin player myself, I can see a few 'bad habits' that any violin player can pick out (who aren't self taught) such as the way she is holding her bow is nice to hold, but a bad way to play. A few touch ups and this photo would be amazing! Keep it up! ^^