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September 10, 2012
Water Dragonfly by *B-O-K-E
Featured by Aeirmid
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Water Dragonfly

Water Style Dragonfly

Water: [here] and [here]

Dragonfly: [Dragonfly insect in grass] by Steve Hillebrand, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (National Digital Library - I've to mention, that i've asked for permission!)

More of my water series:

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003 Dragonfly (another version here: [link] )
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009 [link] Crane fly
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Now critiquing this work is a strange experience because there is nothing really that could be compared to it. The fact that you gave the impression of a real life photograph with this dragonfly adds to the beauty of the work. Had this been flying over an imaginary world, I would not have liked it much.

Now the twig on which the dragonfly is set is well positioned and the detail of golden brown that the twig has adds to the beauty of the work.

The dragonfly itself, with its watery attributes it really well crafted, the way there are droplets spraying from both tail and wings as if the dragonfly is barely able to hold itself is amazing. On the other hand it seems like a water creature brushing off excessive water. The white lines used to represent the viens in the wings and to give the outer skeleton plays its part well. The last thing that I like is that the head is well defined with the huge eyes. Had that been sort of distorted, I would have... well it sufices to say I prefer this way.

Wonderful work.
From a hobbyist scientist sorcerer philosopher:

Last week it was snowing quarter-inch diameter snow flakes..
I happened to see a very strange snowflake stuck to the window of my truck, and got a tiny photograph of it.. It looked the same as this water dragonfly.. Too bad my camera is so cheap..
I thought about it..??? How & Why does that snowflake resemble a bug or dragon..??? and thought about it some more.. What if all the snowflakes, that mostly look like a clock's gears, are actually the "clockwork orange", or "purple clockwork of "god's mind"..? What if snowflakes are the representative of the smallest micro-units of the inner units of living genes, given that water IS life..?? What if that dragonfly snowflake is a dragon at it's smallest, and a forecast of things to come..???

Your water creatures are probably the work of a clear bright pure spirit and soul playing & frolicking in these earthly realms.. It must be exciting to be you, and to even be near or close to you.. You are probably a sorcerer or better, or something that has never been labelled, your majesty.. It's been an honour and a blessing viewing your great works of absolute purity innocence and creativity.. You make us lucky that you live in our time..

Are there any water dragons..? your majesty...
Are there water lovers..?
Is there a water Kiss..?
Are there water emotions..?
Is there a water soul..?

When I was 16, I 100% severed my spinal cord in an accident, but managed to do the required mind in the third space realm, to cause the spine to be welded together at the break-site, but 15 degrees rotated.. Next morning I saw 6-foot soft pastel rainbow vapour trails behind flying birds.. Do water critters have vapour trails..? Does water have an aura..?
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Thank you very much for this wonderful critique! :aww:
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You are very welcome :)
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This is seriously amazing! I am stunned, it is so beautiful!
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Thank you very much!
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Really beautiful! How did you get that watery effect?
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Such an unusual idea! Love it!
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This is amazing!!
B-O-K-E's avatar
Thanks a lot!
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you're welcome  :)
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Very awesome. Seems very magical and beautiful.
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Thank you very much!
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OMG! I make dragonflies and butterflies with smoke and you make them with water! This is great! I love your work! :love: 
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Awesome! Thanks a lot :happybounce:
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:spotlight-left:Hello, your work(-s) were featured here :spotlight-right:

Stay perfect,
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Thank you sooooooo much! I really appreciate that!
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Thank you ^^
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You're welcome!!
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This simply fuels the imagination. I really love the realistic fantasy, bringing something so magical to life. Wonderful job!
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