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Water Dragonfly #2

Water Dragonfly #2 (Remake of: [link] )

Water: [here] and [here]

Dragonfly : [link]

Moss: [link]
Moss 2: [link]
Shrooms [link]
Shroom 2 [link]

More of my water series:

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002 [link] Mantis
003 [link] Dragonfly
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005 [link] Elephant
006 [link] Firefly
007 [link] Chameleon
008 [link] Giraffe
009 [link] Crane fly
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Wow this is really beautiful, I would suggest though an even more so 3D appearance if possible with the water dragonfly and the mushroom it sits on. What did use to create the dragonfly?

Granted it stands out, but it seems there are two themes sitting here, realism and fantasy which if i were trying to combine both i would add more fantasy like elements whether it be creatures, water fire, frost even. Or I would try and make the dragonfly/water look more real to bring this work of art to life even more so.

I hope this helps a bit :/
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Shocking awesome!!

Can I feature on ?

Your name and linkback to your profile will be in post.


Lukas B.
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Hi there,

als long as I get linked (Name & Website), I'm totally fine with that :)

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Thank you.

Featured here:

Please let me know if you wish to add something in post.

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It's beautyful Love 
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You are welcome! :)
Subject: Maid of the Mist...  Seeing her is about as rare as "placing a foot on Mars"..

Seeing your works tells me that you are probably the only artist on the planet who could actually do up a proper pictorial of the maid of the mist..

I was crossing Canada on one of my most memorable-trips, from Toronto to Vancouver..  On highway #1, there's this here little waterfalls tourist attraction ("Kakabeka Falls").. I parked, and walked up to the top of the falls.. and just stood there gazing in wonderment at that strange little waterfall, about 6-feet across, seeming to flow out of absolutely no where, straight out of the tall lush grasses at the top of the cliff.. I stood there breathing in the cool mist, and listening to the fall's hypnotic song..  The mist became slightly hypnotic.. I noticed the mist flowing upward, and left and right,. then condensing into rolling swirling shapes in the middle of the falls, changing shapes like something was forming it.. There was no wind.. The mist took on shapes of the most beautiful woman that has ever been on this planet, as if "water has a mind, or is a mind".. I watched in total amazement at the beautiful naked lady gazing at her mirror, dressing in shear robe as smooth and peaceful as a silent river flows.. softly preening, stroking her long platinum silver hair with a sleek silver diamond studded brush.. She seemed to suddenly become aware of my presence..  She slowly turned and glanced at me, a little irritated at my gawking at her private moment.. She slowly set the brush down at the mirror.. slowly turned to face me.. She reached her soft tender loving arms toward me, bidding me to "join with her in heaven's embrace"..  I stood there absolutely Stunned!, frozen in Shock!, as the mist lady drifted over-land toward me, six-feet overland beyond the waterfall, two feet from touching me, then it touched me with it icy cold hands, and misty cold arms wrapping around me, is what "shivered me timbers" big time.. I sensed a strong physical tug at my whole Being from behind me yet, her powerful arms pulling me forward, as if she intended to pull-me over the waterfall cliff whether I agreed wanted, or not.. I finally unstuck my frozen feet, turned bolted and ran...

Halfway to my car.. a small group of young ladies noticed me pass close-by in a real hurry.. One young lass commented to the others, "He looks like he's seen a ghost!"..

I couldn't speak.. With "rubbery legs", I quick stepped all the way to the car.. got in, and just sat there stunned and shocked.. I found the ignition key, but couldn't find where it went..
Whatever it was, it scared the stuffin' right out of me...  
The lady of the mist seemed to possess levels of beauty and paranormal forces than I can even begin to fathom nor label.. "extreme magnetic energy and beauty"
I still get that huge icy cold rush just thinkin' on it..  She looked like she wore a fine water-lace silvery robe.. She was about 5.8 feet tall..  a goddess.. She looked absolutely regal, innocent, powerful, extremely confident, absolutely glorious, beautiful beyond all words, pure as pure gets.. and more frightening than meeting a ghost, a real werewolf, or a real dragon in the night...

Some curious people say they would really like to see the maid of the mist..  They really really don't, but they just don't know it yet.. Me thinks one is lucky to just even survive a meeting with her majesty..  I suspect she is part of the planet's mind, spirit and personality, and maybe her powerful humour..?

I would love to view your take on her majesty the maid of the mist..  I hope you one day meets her..  You might want to have tethered yourself to a nearby tree with a rope, so she doesn't pull you over the cliff into the waterfall...
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Thanks again :D
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Great concept. I love it ; )
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Excellent concept ... and excellent work!
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Thank you very much!
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Gerne ... Wasser scheint Dein Element zu sein ;)
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Absolut :D Du hast übrigens eine sehr interessante Galerie!
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