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Water Crane Fly (Tipulidae)

Water Style Crane Fly

Water: [here] and [here]

Crane fly: [link]

More of my water series:

001 [link] Spider
002 [link] Mantis
003 [link] Dragonfly (Remake: [link] )
004 [link] Butterfly
005 [link] Elephant
006 [link] Firefly
007 [link] Chameleon
008 [link] Giraffe
009 Crane fly
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Ange10's avatar
Mosquitoes are my enemies!! But excellent work :D
B-O-K-E's avatar
:D Thank you ^^
riksreverse's avatar
i think iv seen some of your work before, and i think i said this the last time too, but if i saw that in real life id eat it.'
B-O-K-E's avatar
:D yeah :highfive: But i would drink this one too, just like the last one ;)
Simanion's avatar
That is really cool...
B-O-K-E's avatar
GedankenTheory's avatar
For one who is not really that fond of this type of insect; I've got to say that looks pretty cool. The way the wings look, remind me slightly of ice.
B-O-K-E's avatar
True, i guess its one of the most "hated" insects. Thank you for the compliment :)
PhoenixSAlover's avatar
Beautifull O3O Sadly Is what I kill everyday to prevent me to lose blood and win ichy xD and a bonus for them to go to my ear and buzz al around while I sleep X.x
Love the effect it's amazing <3
B-O-K-E's avatar
Well, that's soooo true! I really hate it if you want to sleep and then hear that damn noise is coming closer and closer!
PhoenixSAlover's avatar
Only by that I gave myself a slap some times on my face and cheek LOL e.e And it hurt in my opinion hahaha xD
I think they love ears >.>
B-O-K-E's avatar
Hahaha, i know what you mean. I've also slapped myself several times because i wanted to kill them :D
PhoenixSAlover's avatar
Someone must make or invent a special night Glasses that we could see the bug at the dark hahahaha! We could put them at bedside table xD
When we hear we just need is to grab the glasses and see wheres the whitch itself is! then smack it Hehehehe...Am I getting crazy here or it's just me? :rofl:
B-O-K-E's avatar
:rofl: hehe, such glasses might be awesome! But before i would smack it, i would take my blood back! Blood for blood, evil mosquitoes... beware the glasses of nightmare!!! *haha

crazy? uhm... noooo i think we are pretty serious :D
PhoenixSAlover's avatar
Really serious! xD
I more serious about Ichy on my arm right now...I´ve just gotten bitten and just now I killed two in my room >.>
Since I have window little open (its hot here) with light's on..mosquitos enter in room atracted by lights of couuurse ...and thats why I have mosquitos loving me ...I invite them in without noticing myself >.> LOLZ
B-O-K-E's avatar
Oh noooo :D Don't you have some fly screens? (Awesome for trolling mosquitos :giggle: )
Crerry's avatar
красиво,но я боюсь такие штуки
B-O-K-E's avatar
Hehe, they are also not my favorite animals!
B-O-K-E's avatar
fractalhead's avatar
anpati92's avatar
amazing as always!!! very admirable job
B-O-K-E's avatar
Thank you very much Angélica! :huggle:
anpati92's avatar
you're welcome, I love your style ^^
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