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This is more of a rant, but given that all, or most, of you, had to deal with it, I kinda wanted to vent about Gluehead and his delusions.

Okay, first off, the tosser has told me the only reason he's on the Golden Fedora forum is to find something offensive to report to Proboards to shut the site down. Yes, he's looking around to find something to be butthurt about, to report to the site's host Proboards, and his baiting is completely derived from this.

In other words, he's literally there to piss people off so he can get triggered, and whine about it. And he calls us SJW's and pathetic neckbeards?

He also goes to a topic about ANIME, of all things, and makes unprovoked insults at another user, when he was neither mentioned, nor even addressed. Like, how pathetic can a feeble-minded little shit be to make ad-hominem attacks to another user when they wetre never brought up? RTJDudek did that, and it's almost like RTJDudek's being overtaken by the sheer pathetic bigotry. And RTJDudek is a crazy, rightwing nutjob who wants to kill communists!

And he has the gall to bitch about how he's not going to follow the rules I laid out, which specifically states that his kind of baiting is only for PM's, by trying to project onto us his SJW bullshit attitude. Honestly, how did I stamd eight months of the Jejejeje crowd?

My message to :icongluehead: and his crew: You think you've seen me angry. But you're wrong. I'm done playing nice. I'm done tolerating your harrassment of other users for disagreement. I'm tired of the bullshit censorship of opposing ideas you have done over the last eight months. I'm sick of your fucking hypocrisy. You've made me angry, to the point no-one since :icondaisranbybigots: and :iconrtjdudek:

From now on, your infantile bullshit is not going to be tolerated. Your wrongdoings will be spead far and wide, where you cannot censor out the evidence of your hypocrisy. The evidence that you and your group of sock puppets ave broken the rules will be in plain view for everyone to see. You will be treated like the whiny, flea-ridden dog that you are, and I will show you no mercy.


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nimrod golan
i'm an aspiring screenwriter, currently in collage and working hard to get my projects running


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