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B-F-T-A's OC-Tober Prompt List

    And here it is. This is my first time putting together a prompt list like this, so I was a little unsure exactly how much effort I should put in the design. Evidently; not too much. Circles and gradients. 

    So to those not familiar with the practice of OC-Tober, here's a quick breakdown. You pick an OC (or OCs) and one by one subject them to the prompts of OC-Tober. It's pretty simple. 

    You may notice that a few of my prompts have a second prompt in blue. This second prompt is for participants who may not want to draw their OC in a more... racy situation. Don't want to draw "Wardrobe malfunction"? Then feel free to try "Sweet Dreams" instead! Or if you're feeling extra motivated, why not try both? No, don't do that. Drawing more prompts then necessary is not recommended.

    I'm really hoping that some other buds will try my list alongside me! I know month-long challenges like this are quite the task, but I assure you, it's fun every time. I've done OC-Tober twice so far, and have only liked it more and more! ^^ (It does help to have a fun OC to work with.)

    So yep! Feel free to attempt the challenge, no needs for shoutouts or credit for the list, just have fun! And if you're not in the mood to join the challenge, then I hope you enjoy seeing what I make instead!
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sees Bunny

Imagines Ddraig in a bunny suit

Twirls mustache evilly

B-F-T-A's avatar

Well I don't want to say you've hit the nail on the head with that one, but...

Well, some things are meant to be.

DiagonalSpy07's avatar

Twas never a matter of "if"

only "when" XD

B-F-T-A's avatar

Twas destiny~

Zomby-Madhouse's avatar

*Looking forward to the 15th*

B-F-T-A's avatar

Leather is one of my favorite flavors~

Raver1357's avatar

Extremely tempting. Not going to make any promises, but perhaps.

B-F-T-A's avatar

You tease.

Now you've got me picturing Allie in all of these prompts.

Raver1357's avatar

Oh don't worry, I'm teasing myself too.

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