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Continued work on hybrid Denizens is progressing. It may not be the most popular of DA work I've done, but hell is it fun. Here's hoping at least a few of them appeal to you. ^^
Heyo, your third favorite monstergirl artist here. Just thought I'd pop on to say that there may be a bit of a lull in my stuff for a while. But fear not! No long hiatuses. But... probably no new monstergirls for a while either. I'm thinking of goin

A Bit of Self Analysis

A Bit of Self Analysis

To start things off, I'll say that I'll do my best to keep any moping and 'oh woe is me' out of this, and to approach the situation more from a realistic, self analytic angle. SO to make a long story short, I'm having difficulty seeing a future for my current 'Fantasy Race' stuff. It's fun, don't get me wrong, but I don't see an end game. A sort of... final goal to work towards. As many of you may know, I like projects. Series. Building something larger out of smaller parts. As many of you also know, I don't have a lot of follow through. Projects start and then are abandoned. Ideas come and then nothing is done with them. That was the fate of AFTOM (the Beans thing) and several other things before it, and it feels like my current stuff is heading in that direction. Believe me, I had all sorts of extended plans for my Fantasy Race series, but the more I think about them the less it feels like they're going to happen. And thus; I pose a question. How many of my watchers are

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Gessle-small adorable plantoids with 5 large petals emerging from their back. In place of their legs is a long tapering leaf tail not unlike that of palm trees. They're lightweight and have a ring of fluff around their necks which help catch air currents with their petals assistance and tail for turning. They are also known for great adaptive genetics. The 4 variants are less so subspecies and more so breeds that occur due to environmental needs. As such expect a lot of variety.


Dust imps-these desert dwellers are not only prickly bodied but have an ornery personality and thrill issues. This is mainly because their mode of transportation involves using the winds of sandstorms to get around. This has labelled them a bad omen, as whenever a flock is flying by, a sandstorm isn't too far off.


Stormweave-this one travels using storm winds but is actually a good omen, especially for sailors. They're what helps sailors identify a storms distance and have even helped some by guiding them away to safety. They prefer to live in large flocks for safety and have the strongest communal bonds.


Mountainhop-the largest breed that lives a more solitary life at the highest points of a mountain. They have thicker bodies and rigid petals perfect for survival up there. The most prominent detail about them is their endurance, not only able to resist strong winds but even contending with the other tougher denizens living nearby. Btw dont expect much conversation.


Flighty forest-the smallest breed with the best camouflage, these skittish flyers are known for having extra fluff on their necks and a ring on each wrist. They live in small villages in the trees away from the dangerous forest floor. The best defense is their ability to shed the fluff from their bodies and use it to blind their attackers.

Aww, adorable aerial plant fluffs to dance through the skies! Like having a cloud of dandelion fluff also be a cute little friend! A very very fun concept! I find plants to be a hard type of monster to bring new things to, but this sounds like a really neat twist on the typical plant gal! ^^

Why thank you! As u can guess the jumpluff pokemon was my inspiration.

Happy new year!!!!!

And a happy new year to you as well! ^^

Merry Christmas my friend!

And to you as well ma dude! ^^