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[MYO] Cecily June

Hey hey!

After times of waiting and planning and watching on, I finally obtained my very own Annie.
And I am absolutely in love with her already! I'm just happy I can partake in the Universe with my own creation now.

Name: Cecily June
Age: 17
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 102 kg

Blessing: Scottish Highlander Cow (common, not endangered), Grain (common, not endangered)
How did you get your blessing?: ''Me and my family have a farm where we keep various animals, but due to something-something with my granddad, we never ate our Scottish Highlanders. I always make, and made, sure to take superb care of them and would beat the shit out of anyone who would try to steal them! ... kids passing by to cuddle them wouldn't be though. So yeah! I guess the spirits saw that and decided to give me the blessing I have now.''
Benefits from blessing: Very strong, can eat plants many Annies of the cattle kind tend to avoid, very sturdy against steep surfaces, +20 years onto her *Annie lifespan, extremely tolerant of cold athmospheres (almost nortic), can change her hair color including tail and ears

Personality: Confident, eccentric, strong and dignified, naive, blunt, a bit insensitive, tolerable, protective, chatty, friendly
Occupation: Mail girl, experimenting

Friends: TBA
Family: Callum June (brother), Marybell June (mother), Steve June (father)
Background/Story: The average, if a bit poor, June family lived a relatively happy life. Callum always resented Cecily for her overall achievements in, maybe not acedemics, but sports whilst he excelled in his studies. One day during a faithful winter night, Marybell June was caught up in a carriage crash when riding to Steve's work to pick him up due to his transportation device being out of service. This led to Marybell being in a coma for months on end, the meek Cecily couldn't do anything but bring herbs, crystals and magic alike to her mother. Over the years following, her mom would make slow moves to become normal again whilst Callum's resentment had build up against Cecily. The first word her mother had spoken magically was ''Callum''. Cecily was the only one to hear, but not the only one to be over the moon as she immediately ran down to Callum's school. As he came out of his university and everything, spotting his ecstatic sister from miles away by her incoherent screaming, he grabbed her by the shoulders to hold her still and asked her what was wrong. When Cecily revealed mom spoke the first word in ages on end, and it was his name, he couldn't have felt a better joy in his entire life. He called off from school and went to meet Steve, who was sunken in his chair as usual, to bring him the news. And for the first time after the trauma of his wife's coma, he genuinely smiled at his children. Our beloved Cecily still lives with her parents within a town with a mixed population of Annies and humans, and is scavaging for a job she wants. Callum is studying at higher education to become a grant wizard, though he needs to hide his human identity. In other places where this might matter, he uses the fact his sister is an Annie to his defense.

The violets on her hat are charged by crystals sweeping energy from various sources out of nature. They're her mother's favorite flower, so Cecily often wears them around to charge them and then give them back to her sick mother at the end of the day.
She's very excited now her mother may come home with her soon.
Dancing is a big part of the Annie culture. Cecily is thus very good in swing dancing; in her old school, she's known as Jumping Jacklyn for being one of the top tier swing dancers in town. She has to be careful with her horns though, which is why she either minimizes the size or makes them disappear all together.
With or without (dancing) shoes, she makes a lot of tapping/clopping sounds. Sometimes she intentionally makes two different stepping sounds at the same time to frighten or prank people.
Cecily's general demeanor is based on old Looney Tunes and Disney cartoons.
Cecily is trained in basic magic and some extra magic her brother taught her. The extra magic is minimal though and is only there for certain benefits.
Cecily can barely focus in class but she's expectionally good at mathetics for someone who barely pays attention. (this doesn't say much though)
She can live up to 120 years so there is a small mistake on her reference sheet, it should say 20 years added on her Annie lifespan.
She eats a lot of oatmeal.
She comes across as scary and even demonic sometimes towards other Annies because of her horns. She feels a bit difficult about this though; she's very proud over her horns but she doesn't like the negative attention...
Cecily received her blessing at 13 years old, so she pretends to other Annies that she just used to hide her blessings as a child in order to fit in with her human family. She trained extra hard to catch up though.

Closed species belongs to Yamio 
Art, design, character belongs to b-Eggot 

Bye bye!
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Such a positive giving Annie~ I do really like her personality. I also love the detail of the flowers on her hat made me go awww. You did really good detailing her story here.^^

Aquariiaa's avatar
Ahhh she's so gorgeous! ;A; I love her warm colours and her cute expression,  she's designed really beautifully and I can tell you put a lot of effort into her! ♥ Congrats on your first Annie! >v< <3
b-Eggot's avatar
Thank you sm Aqua!! //hugs
Ethereal-Requiem's avatar
She looks so cute and lively. Congrats on getting the myo.
b-Eggot's avatar
Thanks a ton Ethy. I'm glad to be joining in on the fun now, it's really been a treasure so far.
Ethereal-Requiem's avatar
I hope you have alot of fun and you find a bunch of friends for your annie. 
b-Eggot's avatar
Thank you Ethy. Same to you!
//speaking of which, if you want our Annies to be friends you can hmu bruv
Ethereal-Requiem's avatar
Thank you. 
Amg, my boy would always be open for more friendships.
b-Eggot's avatar
You're always welcome.
Neat! I hope he's not too scared of her cuz they really are polar opposites. ^^;
Ethereal-Requiem's avatar
I'm sure he might be at first. If he sees she's nice, I'm sure he would warm up to her.
b-Eggot's avatar
That's true. She's likely to be a rough but friendly handler so I think they'll get used to each other.
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Oh my gosh how cuuuuuute! She looks so warm and just...adorable, simply adorable! >//////< I love the extra trivia you added too.  Congratulations on your MYO Eggy! :happybounce:
b-Eggot's avatar
Aw, thank you so much!! ;3; I'm really glad you like her!
Berryzem's avatar
You're welcome ♥♥♥
tippisuu's avatar
[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara this is beautiful, eggu! :heart:
i love the patterns on her outfit
her color scheme is stunning, honestly! :heart:
i would love to try and draw her some time!
she's beautiful! <3
b-Eggot's avatar
DFK;LDASF thank you charm! ; ///// ;
don't push yourself! you're already working so hard :heart:
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