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Girl with Curls


I did a request for someone in a Discord server :heart:
It's a colored chibi sketch to try and just have a bit more fun/freedom with coloring and I like how it turned out! I love doing curls so this girly was perfect PFFF

I might be open to doing these in the future? It'd be $18 for a chibi like this (I'll pour all my love into it, I promise x)
You can DM me abt it if you'd like and I'll see if I can give you a slot.

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my bby looking the cutest ! again, tysm for drawing my annie!!!

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npnp! glad you like it sm!

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i love the way you colored this annie egg! i think it really suits this annie well!

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Thank you! I wanted the coloring to have something really bouncy and airy about it, so I used loads of blue and little detail.

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AWW Egg she's so adorable!! <3

I love the way you drew the curls and the cute little highlights!

Her expression is super sweet as well!

Great work! <3

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Awe, thank you Mila!!

I did my best to do her justice,, she was super lovely to draw x

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EEEP the colours look so lovely Egg!!! Adore the shading and highlights!

Lovely work! ♥

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Hey, thank you so much! It's a super fun color palette to work with ^^

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FKFKFJDJJDJGFJJF AWWWWWWW SHE'S SO CUTEEEEEEE (♥ω♥*)(♥ω♥*)(♥ω♥*)(♥ω♥*)(♥ω♥*)(♥ω♥*)(♥ω♥*)(♥ω♥*)(♥ω♥*)(♥ω♥*)(♥ω♥*)(♥ω♥*)

THE PALETTE THATVYOU CHOOSE FO HER HAIR ARE SO PRETTY (。’▽’。)♡(。’▽’。)♡(。’▽’。)♡(。’▽’。)♡(。’▽’。)♡(。’▽’。)♡

MARVELOUS MARVELOUS (´∀`)♡(´∀`)♡(´∀`)♡(´∀`)♡(´∀`)♡(´∀`)♡(´∀`)♡

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TYSM <333

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