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Many people have asked me about what kind of tools I use for my paintings and drawings. As a visual aid, I took a photo of all the tools I use, which include the recently bought mechanical pencils.
The watercolor set is from my school days and is rather old.

Hope this helps some people, if they want to start drawing or painting.

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your stationery looks so lovely and it reflects your beautiful and meticulous details of your work.
so tidy and so well organised and displayed
i fawn all over it.
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Du bist nicht zufällig Grafikerin oder? Deine Zeichnungen sind einfach nur Episch <3
RyugaSSJ3's avatar
Ffffffffffudge. Really fudge...I'm taking notes on this to help me. :D This really helps.
SoraR053n83rg's avatar
this is called organization i like it _ i have respect of you [link]
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Whoa, I've been looking for mechanical pencils like that for forever! Where do you buy them or the lead for them? I can only find the really common ones with HB lead, not with the full range. :hmm:
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WOW I didn't know that kind of spray did ever exist!!
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Where Do You Get Tortillion?
imthetarget's avatar
what the hell is a tortillion?
TheThirdMoon36's avatar
it's like a stump, dunno the differences though
mangafox23's avatar
A blending stump is double sided and a tortillion has only one side that can be used to blend
Owler12's avatar
Haha, I think its a stick of plain wood you use to blend different variations of graphite together. I'm probably thinking of something else, but oh well. Hope that helps.
mangafox23's avatar
it's tightly wrapped paper
Deathwisher3228's avatar
Does that Fixativ spray for graphite keep it from smearing?
Fehru's avatar
Yes. My freind tell me you can use strong hairspray too, but idk .-.
RKSAFK's avatar
Where do you buy this stuff? I can draw good for a ten year old girl but-- you draw awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe I'll draw like this when I make my movie for Disney!
AnothaB's avatar
Faber Castell pencils - I have the same set! <3
Koenigskupfer's avatar
Okay, Erde an Aline. ~_~ Wer lesen kann ist klar im Vorteil.
Also Tusche. Oh mein Gott. >_< Wie ich das Zeug gehasst habe.
Dabei habe ich mir immer vorgenommen, mal zu versuchen, was ernsthaftes damit zu malen. Und jetzt kommst du. oo'
Echt klasse, was man mit Tusche so machen kann! :,D
Ich mag es blos irgendwie überhaupt nicht, wie es sich anfühlt, wenn man drüberstreicht. So rau...
*voll unnötige Info*
Koenigskupfer's avatar
Warte mal... eh... ist das jetzt Aquarell oder "Tusche" (Tusche im Sinne des Zeugs, was man immer in der Schule benutzen musste)? oo'
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Oh, so that's where you use that box thingy.
I saw it in China town and I was wondering what it was.
They have lots of those on sale :D
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What do you use to smudge your drawings? :o
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Your work is just too good! I just wanted to ask what you use a mechanical pencil for and if you prefer using them to a regular pencil? I've never used them before, i'm curious to try them.
D-AND's avatar
How much is this stuff?
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